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Libra Sign in Astrology | Tula Rashi Characteristics, Strengths, Weakness & Common Myths

Libra Sign in Astrology

The Libra natives are born between September 23 and October 23. Their zodiac element is air which means their essential trait is that they are communicative and intellectual. The natives of Tula Rashi are known to be fair and logical. They have a strong liking for balance in life, which is why their symbol is scales. Usually, people misunderstand their symbol as a sign of law and order, but it is actually for a balance they look for in life. The natives of this sign try to create equilibrium in their lives and the people around them. This sign is ruled by Venus, i.e. love, money, and beauty are three aspects attached to them.

Characteristics of Libra Sign or Tula Rashi in Astrology

  • The natives of this sign are charismatic, loving, peaceful and romantic.
  • They are subtle in their ways and do not get angry very fast.
  • They have a logical reason behind every action of theirs. The natives of this sign are the smartest in the group, and their brains work too fast.
  •  One thing that makes them different is that they will not shy away from owning their mistakes.
  • They prefer to save a relationship rather than be slaves to their egos. They value people and relationships a lot in their lives. So, if they can say sorry and save their relationship with someone, they would probably do that.
  •  They would also deny believing anything that they have not seen with their own eyes. They would base their judgements on something that they have witnessed on their own. They will analyse everything objectively and then take an unbiased decision. They don’t believe in gossip.

Strengths of Libra Zodiac Sign in Astrology

  • They are brilliant negotiators. They are smooth talkers who will talk people out of doing dumb things. They are persuasive and can talk sense into people.
  • They will pull people out of their problems because of their observational skills and logical reasoning.
  • They are constantly observing things and taking notes of everything. They will later use these points to find valid and logical solutions.
  • One of their strengths is that they are fine with being wrong, and they own their faults. They are incredibly charming and flirty if they like someone.
  • They are excellent listeners and give one of the finest pieces of advice ever. They hold people important in their lives and are genuine in their ways.
  • Since they are not selfish, they expect people around them to be like that too.

Weakness of Libra Zodiac Sign in Astrology

  • They put too much pressure on themselves. They tend to forget that they are mere humans who cannot impress everyone.
  • They do everything in their abilities to make everyone happy around them and end up burning themselves out.
  • They sometimes forgive a lot of people who hurt them repeatedly. They forget to take a stand for themselves.

Myths about Libra Sign in Astrology

  • They love to be alone- They appear to be like they want to be alone, but in reality, they just want to avoid confrontation. This is one of their weaknesses because they will do anything to avoid confrontation, and people take it otherwise. The natives of this sign love to be included in plans and socialising.
  • Libras don’t want to stand out -. They have certain principles they follow by heart and have no problem following them. They don’t care if they might not stand out, but they don’t lose their individuality at any point in time. They love flaunting their uniqueness in a room. They know that they are different, and they own it.
  • Libras are soft- they are emotional and loving, but they are smart. They won’t let anyone take advantage of them. They look as if they are carefree and idle but what they actually do is observe their surroundings. They might be sitting idle, but their brain is constantly working.
  • They are feminine in nature- This is a misconception because anyone and everyone are allowed to be masculine or feminine as per their choice. Libras don’t own femininity. They might be subtle in their approach, and that cannot be used against the natives of this sign.

Libras are a storehouse of beauty and brains. They are charming, intelligent, emotional and rational, all at the same time. The natives of this sign value life and the people in it. They appreciate the little things in their lives and try to make the day better for everyone around them. One striking characteristic of Libras is that they forgive people, but they don’t forget the betrayal. They would not hold a grudge, but in the back of their minds, they will always remember what someone did to them. They might look carefree, but they are constantly trying to make everyone’s day in their own way. They are beautiful and unique souls.

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