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Ketu in Aries | Ketu Aries in Birth Chart

Ketu in Aries | Ketu in Aries in Birth Chart

Ketu in Aries

Aries is a fiery sign with fire-like characteristics. Aggressive, ambitious, competitive, athletic, and assertive are characteristics of those born under this sign. The natives of Ketu in Aries enjoy a little friendly competition now and then. They have a strong affinity for succeeding in life. They wish to be at the top of the world, and they work hard to achieve that goal. Ketu is a planet that symbolises letting go. It means letting go of material things because one has experienced it all. It does not mean that the natives are running away but simply that they have enough experience of those things.

Characteristics of Ketu in Aries

  • When Ketu is in Aries in a person’s prior life, it indicates that they are already direct. They were already in the field and winning battles.
  • The natives of Aries who had Ketu in their horoscope were physically active. So in this life, they’re the polar opposite of that; they’re a little more laid-back, taking things slowly and carefully before acting.
  • They are not out there to win the conflict because Ketu, regardless of where he is located or which sign he is in, generates the war within. So, in the sign of Aries, he is producing as if Aries is one’s physical body as if it is one’s identity.
  • In Aries, he makes one doubt one’s physical body’s ability, he makes the natives doubt whether they’ll win this or not, whether they’ll do this or whether they’ll accomplish what they set out to do, and so there’s a lot of self-doubts, and what happens is that because of the self-doubt, the natives don’t want to compete, they don’t want to go headstrong, but if they put them in a position where they need to take charge, they will lead efficiently.
  • But the natives at every step of their lives already feel as if they have experienced it all, so it does not bother them if someone comes at them because Ketu is the planet of letting go of things like jobs and bank accounts.
  • If Ketu is in Aries, and Mars is in his own sign of Aries, it will energise Ketu to become the leader, to get competitive, to become violent, and to just throw a punch at someone. It’s as if Ketu is charged since now he’s not alone; he’s not just in the house of Mars, but Mars is looking at him and forcing him to behave like an Aries.

What does Ketu signifies in Astrology?

  • Isolation, enlightenment, spirituality, occult, stillness, psychic intuition, discomfort, and mysticism are all associated with Ketu in Astrology.
  • Ketu is the remainder of the body without the head because he enjoys being alone and away from all worldly things; on the other hand, Rahu is the polar opposite.
  • In Astrology, Ketu represents hindrances and problems in the physical arena of life, but also intelligence and mental brilliance. Depending on the home Ketu is in, the native will either be less in need of what that house represents or have less desire to obtain the goods associated with that house.
  • In Astrology, Ketu feels as if he has already lived through the events of the house he sits in. It has the impression that it has complete control over all aspects of the home in which it is housed.
  • Ketu is the portion that one shouldn’t be too concerned about because it will reveal itself without one even realising it.
  • Ketu is also the karakatwas of mental instability, paternal grandfather, doctor, witchcraft, a hunter, the Sudra association, a dog, a cock, vulture, deer, knowledge of animals, horned animals, salvation, hunger, stupidity, friendship, knowledge, luck, revoking arrest orders, all kinds of wealth, consumption, conferring prosperity, all kinds of luxuries, stone, pain, fever, loss of appetite and indifference.

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What does Aries Sign signifies in Astrology?

Aries is the first of the Zodiac signs and is represented by the Ram. Aries are independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous, honest, adventurous and energetic. Aries has that kind of pioneering spirit; they are powerful and creative thinkers and hard workers. They want results immediately or things are done quickly. They are activists and natural leaders. Aries’s strengths are also coupled with weaknesses. They are selfish, impulsive, moody, impatient, combative and short-tempered. Once they become intolerant, they leave things undone and the result is a disaster. Aries people need to learn patience and perseverance in order to achieve their goals. Aries is a Fire sign which means they are passionate, intense and full of energy.

  • Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and they’re known for their independent streak. They don’t like to be told what to do, and they’re always looking for new challenges to conquer.
  • Aries is a generous sign, often putting others before themselves. They have a big heart and are always looking to help those in need.
  • Aries is an enthusiastic sign, always looking at the bright side of life. They’re optimistic and upbeat, which can be contagious!
  • Aries is one of the most courageous signs in the zodiac. They’re not afraid to take risks.

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