Is there any other remedial measure to please Sun god as per Hindu Astrology principles?

Hindus believe that the Sun god, Surya, is the giver of life. He is said to be the king of the planets and is worshiped as the god of illumination. According to Hindu astrology, the Sun god governs our vitality, courage, and ambition. He is also said to be the lord of truth and justice.  

The Sun represents our soul, and its position in our birth chart determines our personality and destiny. If the Sun is poorly placed in our chart, it can cause problems such as health issues, relationship difficulties, and financial hardships. However, there are remedial measures that can be taken to please the Sun god and improve our fortunes. 

As per Hindu principles, there are a number of ways to please the Sun god and get his blessings.  

  • One way is to offer him water early in the morning.  
  • Pouring water on a Shivling (a symbol of Lord Shiva) or taking a holy dip in ponds or rivers.  
  • Chanting mantras dedicated to him. 
  • Doing yoga and meditation. 
  • Wearing yellow clothes. 
  • Offering him flowers, fruits, and leaves.  
  • Red flowers are considered to be particularly auspicious for him.  
  • Doing these things on Sundays is considered to be especially beneficial.  

By following these simple steps, we can please the Sun god and seek his blessings. 

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