Is it possible to strengthen one’s Sun through yoga or meditation? 

It is said that the Sun is the source of all life. It is the giver of light and heat, and it nourishes us with its rays. The Sun is also said to be the center of our Solar System, around which all the planets revolve. In other words, the Sun is the center of our universe. 

Yoga and meditation are two practices that can help us to connect with the Sun on a deeper level. Through yoga, we learn to control our breath and our thoughts, and to focus our attention inward. This helps us to still our minds and to connect with our true selves.  

Meditation takes us even deeper, helping us to quiet our minds completely and to enter into a state of pure consciousness. As we meditate, we develop a stronger connection with the Sun, which in turn strengthens our own suns (our inner selves). In this way, yoga and meditation can help us to connect with the Sun on a deep level, and to strengthen our own suns in the process. 

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