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How to overcome the negative effects of Rahu?

We all have times in our lives when we feel like things are not going our way. It can be difficult to make sense of these feelings, and even more difficult to know how to move past them.

In Vedic astrology, these moments are often attributed to the influence of Rahu—one of the nine planets in Hindu mythology. But just because you’re feeling overwhelmed doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out—there are several steps you can take to overcome the negative effects of Rahu and get your life back on track.

How to overcome the negative effects of Rahu?

Acknowledge your feelings

The first step towards overcoming any challenge is acknowledging it. This means taking a moment to stop and think about what’s causing your distress, identifying where it comes from, and then addressing it head-on. When it comes to Rahu, it’s important to remember that its influence is cyclical—which means that while you may feel like you’re stuck in an endless loop of negativity, eventually things will get better if you keep working at it.

Practice meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries as a way to quiet the mind and gain perspective on life’s struggles. Taking time out for yourself each day can help reduce stress levels and increase mental clarity, allowing you to come back with renewed energy and focus on tackling whatever challenges come your way. If you don’t know how to meditate, there are plenty of online tutorials available that will guide you through the process.

Do good deeds

Finally, one of the best ways to overcome the negative effects of Rahu is by performing good deeds for others. Not only will this help boost your self-esteem, but it also has a positive effect on those around you—and in turn, they might be motivated to do something kind for someone else as well! So whether it’s donating money or volunteering your time at a local shelter or community center, try doing something good today and see what a difference it makes in your life!


Rahu can bring us down if we let it—but we don’t have to succumb to its negative influences if we don’t want to! By taking steps such as acknowledging our feelings, practicing meditation, and doing good deeds for others we can break free from its grasp and emerge from any situation feeling stronger than ever before. So don’t give up hope—with some hard work and dedication things will eventually look up again!

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