How does the movement of the Sun across the sky affect our lives?

The movement of the Sun across the sky is a powerful metaphor in Vedic astrology. The sun represents our soul, and its journey across the sky symbolizes the progress of our soul on its path towards enlightenment. According to this ancient tradition, the Sun is associated with vitality, energy, and power, and its position in the sky can tell us a great deal about what we can expect in terms of success and happiness.  

Each sign of the zodiac represents a different stage of spiritual development, and as the sun moves through each sign, it brings new opportunities for growth and evolution. 

The Sun is the most important planet in Vedic astrology, and it represents our sense of self and our vitality. The sun’s movement also affects us on a physical level. Every month, as the sun moves into a new sign, it brings with it different astrological energies that can influence our lives in various ways.  

For example, when the Sun is in the sign of Leo, it’s in its “exaltation” and gives us lots of energy and enthusiasm. We’re more likely to be outgoing and social during this time, and we’ll enjoy being in the spotlight. On the other hand, when the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio, it’s in its “debilitation” position and can make us feel tired and depleted.  

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