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How can you interpret the results of a Sun dasha? 

The planet Sun is the most important in Indian astrology. It denotes our soul, our ego and our self-respect. The dasha or planetary period of the Sun is therefore a very important one, affecting our health, wealth and overall well-being. So how can we interpret the results of a Sun dasha? One way is to consider the house that Sun occupies in your birth chart.

This will give you an indication of the areas of life that will be most affected during the dasha. For example, if Sun is in the fourth house, then matters relating to home and family are likely to be most relevant during this time. Another way to interpretation is through considering the nature of Sun itself. As the king of planets, Sun signifies authority and leadership.

Therefore, the results of a Sun dasha are likely to be more positive if you take charge of your life and assert yourself during this time. By taking a closer look at both your birth chart and the planet Sun, you can gain valuable insights into how to make the most of a Sun dasha. 

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