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How can we tell if we’re ready to face Saturn’s challenges? 

There are times in life when we feel called to undertake a great journey, but we may hesitate because we don’t know if we’re ready. This can be especially true when the road ahead is unclear or full of challenges. However, if we listen to our heart, we will know whether the time is right to take the next step.  

One way to tell if we’re ready to face Saturn’s challenges is to look at our past accomplishments. If we’ve navigated difficult situations before and come out stronger on the other side, it’s a good sign that we have the skills and strength to face whatever lies ahead.  

Another way to tell if we’re ready is to ask ourselves whether we’re prepared to work hard. Challenges often require us to go above and beyond, and if we’re not willing to put in the effort, it’s likely that we’ll fail.  

Finally, it’s important to trust our gut instinct. If something feels right, even if it’s scary, it’s probably worth pursuing. By taking these factors into consideration, we can make sure that we’re setting ourselves up for success as we embark on our journey with Saturn. 

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