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Hanuman Aarti Lyrics | Hanuman Aarti Lyrics in English

Hanuman Aarti

Hanuman Aarti Lyrics – Aarti, in simplest words, is the Hindu ritual performed to worship the almighty. Hanuman aarti is a prayer sung to praise and worship Lord Hanuman in order to seek his blessings. Lord Hanuman is considered to be the epitome of strength, bravery and selflessness for his devotion towards Lord Ram.

Shree Hanuman Aarti Lyrics in English

Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki,
Dushta Dalana Raghunatha Kala Ki.

Jaake Bal Se Girivara Kampe,
Rog Dosh Jaake Nikat Na Jhaanpei.

Anjani Putra Mahabaldaayi,
Santan Ke Prabhu Sada Suhaai.

Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki,
Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki.

De Bhiraa Raghunaatha Pathaee,
Lanka Jaari Siya Sudhi Layee.

Lanka So Kota Samudhra Sii Khaaii,
Jaatha Pavana Sutha Baar Na Laii.

Lanka Jaari Asur Sahaare,
Siyaram Ji Ke Kaaj Sanwaare.

Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki,
Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki.

Hanuman Aarti Lyrics in English

Hanuman Aarti Lyrics in English

Laxman Murcchhit Pade Sakaare,
Aan Sanjeevan Praan Ubaare.

Paithi Pataal Tori Jam Kaare,
Ahiravan Ki Bhuja Ukhaare.

Bayen Bhujaa Asurdal Maare,
Dahinai Bhujaa Sant Jan Taare.

Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki,
Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki.

Sura Nara Muni Jana Aarthi Utharein,
Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Ucharen.

Kanchan Tharaa Kapoora Suhaai,
Aarthi Kartha Anjani Maiyan.

Jo Hanuman Ji Ki Aarthi Gave,
Basi Vaikunta Parama Pada Pave.

Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki,
Aarti Keejei Hanuman Lalaa Ki.

Benefits of Reciting Hanuman Aarti

  • The number one benefit of Hanuman aarti is that it brings peace, happiness and prosperity to one’s life and home.
  • It is considered beneficial to worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman aarti every Tuesday in order to protect and safeguard your home from evil powers.
  • It is believed that Lord Hanuman can help a person to overcome even the most difficult situations and sufferings, and hence, to pray before him, a devotee must sing Hanuman aarti with complete faith.
  • It gives peace of mind and keeps the person healthy and wealthy.
  • It instils a sense of confidence within a person to achieve what he desires by dodging against any obstacle that might come his way.
  • It can help with career and business-related matters and makes a person prosperous.
  • Lord Hanuman is known for his strength and power, and hence worshipping him can bring the same to the person.
  • It helps in seeking forgiveness and the removal of sins.

Best Day and Time to Recite Hanuman Aarti

  • Aarti is dedicated to a specific God and recited on a particular day, occasion or festival.
  • Tuesday is considered as the day of Lord Hanuman, and the devotee performs rituals and ceremonies to please the Lord. Many devotees fast on this day to pay homage and seek divine blessings, and aarti is sung.
  • Another occasion when it is auspicious to recite the holy Hanuman aarti is on Hanuman Jayanti, which is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. On this day, the devotees present their religious offerings in front of Lord Hanuman either by going to temples or at home and praying for their protection and well-being.
  • Morning is considered to be the best time to recite Hanuman aarti after having a purifying bath.
  • It can be performed in the evening as well after properly washing hands, feet and face. Hanuman aarti is performed by preparing a plate with the necessary ingredients like camphor, rice, incense sticks, flowers, lighting a diya and ringing a bell.

Offerings in Hanuman Aarti

  • Before performing Hanuman aarti one should do pakshal of the idol or picture of Lord Hanuman with Akshat, pushp and jal (rice, flowers and water).
  • Offer a deepak filled with mustard oil with  flowers on the feet of the Lord Hanuman as an offering during the pooja.
  • Boondi can be offered as prasadam after Hanuman aarti.
  • Red flowers should be offered to Lord Hanuman in aarti.
  • One should blow a shankh and ring a bell after completion of Hanuman aarti.

Pooja Vidhi for Hanuman Aarti

  • Take a bath first thing in the morning.
  • Then, facing east, place the idol or image of Lord Hanuman on a wooden chowki wrapped with a fresh yellow cloth.
  • Light a candle with oil or ghee.
  • Invoke Lord Ganesha and ask for his blessings for a Hanuman Puja that is free of obstacles.
  • Sprinkle some water on Lord Hanuman’s idol or picture. If the idol is made of metal, do the abhishek with water, raw milk, water, honey, curd, ghee, and so on.
  • Then, using a clean cloth, gently wipe the murti.
  • Offer the Lord a new piece of yellow or red fabric or a kalava.
  • Offer the holy Janeu and Akshat, chandan paste, a bouquet of flowers, bhog and dhoop or incense sticks.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa and chant Hanuman Mantras.
  • Turn around from your right as you stand up on your feet (Do one parikrama).
  • Do pranam and offer flowers. Ask for forgiveness for any mistakes you made during the pooja.

Pooja Mantra or Dhyan Mantra

  • The Pooja Mantra or Jaap (Dhyan Mantra) hold significance for the meditating purposes and peace in the spiritual lifestyle of the devotee.
  • One may recite the mantra for however long with a rosary (mala) with a count of 108 times or in any other suitable way as long as the purpose is to serve the spiritual path in oneself.
  • The mantra can be recited anytime of the day, and after the completion of the aarti or pooja, one may sit on the aasan in front of the God and recite the jaap mantra for the benefits of inner and mental peace. The two mantras given below can be recited for jaap/dhyaan:
  • Om Hanumate Namah.
  • Om Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shri Ram Dootaye Namah.

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