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Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics | Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics in English

Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics

Shree Ram Aarti

Shree Rama, one of the most popular Hindu Gods, is the personification of valour and virtue. Ramachandra is a name that is related to Lord Shree Ram, Vishnu’s seventh incarnation (avatar).

The Mahabharata tells a brief account of his life. Rama is a paragon of logic, good judgement, and desirable virtues. Rama is the most frequently invoked deity at the time of death. He is the personification of truth, justice, and real Hindutva.

Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics in English

Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman Haran Bhav Bhay Darunam,
Navakanj Lochan Kanj Mukhkar Kanj Pag Kanjarunam.

Kandarp Aganit Amit Chhavi Nav Neel Neerad Sundaram,
Patpit Maanahu Tadit Ruchi Shuchi Naumi Janak Sutavaram.

Bhaj Deen Bandhu Dinesh Danav Daitya Vansh Nikandnam,
Raghunand Anand Kand Kaushal Chand Dashrath Nandanam.

Seer Mukut Kundal Tilak Charu Udaaru Ang Vibhushanam,
Ajanu Bhuj Shar Chap Dhar Sangram Jit Khar-Dhushman.

Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics in English

Shree Ram Aarti Lyrics in English

Iti Vadati Tulsidas Shankar Shesh Muni Man Ranjanam,
Mum Hriday Kunj Niwas Karu Kamadi Khal Dal Ganjanam.

Manu Jahin Rachehu Milhi So Baru Sahaj Sundar Sanwaron,
Karuna Nidhan Sujan Silu Snehu Janat Ravro.

Ahi Bhati Gauri Asis Suni Siya Sahit Hiy Harshi Ali,
Tulsi Bhavani Pujhi Pooni Pooni Mudit Mana Mandir Chali.

Jaani Gauri Anukul Siya Hiy Harshu Na Jai Kahi,
Manjul Mangal Mool Vaam Ang Farkan Lage.

Benefits of Reciting Shree Ram Aarti

  • Worshipping Shree Ram will result in abundant good luck and fortune in the devotees’ lives.
  • Shree Ram will provide wealth and prosperity to the devotee.
  • Hardships, troubles, negativity and evil eyes will not harm the devotee if he recites Shree Ram aarti.
  • Shree Ram aarti is chanted for mental and emotional stability in the devotee’s life.
  • The recitation of Shree Ram aarti will give devotees prosperity and wealth.
  • Shree Ram aarti is performed for the stability and happiness in married life.
  • Reciting the aarti of Shree Ram will lead the path of patience for the devotee.
  • Shree Ram will bless the devotee with success and prosperity in his career or business.
  • Devotees will feel content, stable, fearless and peaceful after praying to Shree Ram.
  • Chanting the Shree Ram mantra along with the aarti will be proven beneficial.

Best Day and Time to Recite Shree Ram Aarti

  • At home, one can perform aarti in the morning and in the evening after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.
  • Shree Ram Navami is the best day to perform the pooja and aarti.
  • Also, Sunday is associated with Lord Shree Ram and performing Shree Ram aarti will yield auspicious results for the devotees.

Pooja Vidhi for Shree Ram Aarti

  • Begin the ritual by addressing Lord Ganesha with your greetings.
  • Begin Shri Rama’s pooja by invoking Lord Ganesha.
  • Request Lord Rama’s blessings and that he accepts your modest offerings.
  • With folded hands, pray to Lord Rama, and then reverently set the photo frame or idol of Lord Rama on a yellow-covered wooden platform.
  • Light a ghee or oil light.
  • Water should be offered to the deity’s feet.
  • Then, along with kalava or a fresh cloth, janeu, haldi, chandan, kumkum, flowers, Tulsi leaves, and Panchamrit should be offered, and the Vishnu Sahasranamam should be said.
  • Then, place the incense sticks and Tamboolam on the altar (consisting of coconut with its husk, paan, supari, fruits, bananas and dakshina).
    After that, begin the aarti and ensure that bells should be ringing throughout the aarti.

Pooja Mantra or Dhyan Mantra

  • The Pooja Mantra or Jaap (Dhyan Mantra) hold significance for the meditating purposes and peace in the spiritual lifestyle of the devotee.
  • One may recite the mantra for however long with a rosary (mala) with a count of 108 times or in any other suitable way as long as the purpose is to serve the spiritual path in oneself.
  • The mantra can be recited anytime of the day, and after the completion of the aarti or pooja, one may sit on the aasan in front of the God and recite the Jaap mantra for the benefits of inner and mental peace.
  • The mantra that should be recited is “Om Shri Ramaya Namaha”.
  • Another mantra that can be recited during the Japp is “Om Dasharathaye Vidmahe Sitavallabhaya Dhimahi, Tanno Rama Prachodayat”.

Offerings in Shree Ram Aarti

  • During shri ram aarti offer prasad of neer mor or any sweet as bhog or prasad.
  • Chameli, also known as mogra can be offered to Lord Rama.
  • Recitation of ramayana is considered beneficial for the devotee.
  • Deepak filled with mustard oil should be placed before the Lord Shree Ram Aarti.
  • One should blow a shankh and ring a bell after completion of Shree Ram aarti.

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