Do different countries and cultures interpret the energy of the Sun differently? If so, how so? 

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The energy of the Sun is one of the most essential and powerful forces in our universe. It gives life to all living things and is a source of light, heat, and energy. The Sun has been a symbol of strength, power, and vitality since the dawn of civilization. Different cultures have interpreted the energy of the Sun in different ways. 

  • The sun is the only god that can be seen. It is the world’s eyes.
  • The Sun is what makes the whole world bright.
  • The Sun is the most important part of the solar system as a whole.
  • Those who know they are crushed by their own power and ego, do bad things, take advantage of others, and cause trouble for their parents by not helping them will be rewarded by the Sun with education, fame, and wealth.
  • Sun gives people respect and honour and a name in the world by giving those who do good work good intelligence, knowledge, money, and fame.
  • By looking at a person’s hand, you can tell a lot about them. If the sun line isn’t there or isn’t very big, that means his education isn’t as good, and he won’t remember what he reads after a while. The rich will get richer.
  • Sun is also a cruel planet, and it makes people very strong-willed.
  • People who don’t get enough light from the Sun do things that are wrong and bad.

For example, the ancient Incas saw the Sun as a god who controlled the weather and provided warmth and light. In China, the Sun is seen as a symbol of Yang energy, which is associated with masculinity, aggressiveness, and heat.  

In contrast, the Japanese see the Sun as a symbol of peace and harmony. Each culture has its own unique way of interpreting the energy of the Sun. However, one thing is certain: the Sun is a powerful force that has a profound impact on our lives. 

The Sun is the most important of the nine planets. If the Sun is bad in a person’s horoscope, that person will be poor and have problems their whole life. His life is not getting better. At the same time, a person’s work doesn’t stop if the Sun is strong. He always goes to new heights with his family, his friends, and at work. In the Lal Kitab, there are ways to fix the bad things that happen when the Sun is weak in different parts of the horoscope.

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