Characteristics of May Born in Numerology

Ruling Planet of May Born in Numerology

Natives born in May are governed by the planet Venus.

Zodiacal Sign of Taurus

The Zodiac sign of Taurus begins on 21st April and ends on 21st May. Seven days between 21st to 27th April and between 21st and 27th May are known as cusps and overlaps with the previous sign (Aries) and subsequent sign (Gemini), respectively.

Characteristic Traits of May Born

  • The natives born in May can dominate others without trying to do so.
  • Their determination is often inflexible, although they can become slaves to the persons they love.
  • They have enormous physical and mental endurance, provided something excites them.
  • They have an excellent memory and are excellent in literary work. Their excessive love for pleasure undermines this superb gift.
  • They are excellent at entertaining guests. They can create affluence out of limited resources in their house.
  • They have good business sense and are deemed richer than they are.
  • They are controlled by their affections and passions, especially the former. They are excellent lovers, but they can fight their enemy to the bitter end.
  • Uncongenial conditions can make them sad.
  • They are influenced by other people easily and must make decisions when they are alone.
  • Their jealousy can lead them to violence which causes them great regret. They may get angry, but they forgive even faster.
  • Their innate sense of harmony makes them succeed in music and painting.
  • There seems to be a constant clash between materialism and artistic tendencies in them. They are fond of good things in life and love material values.
  • They excel in producing and building things.
  • Their sensuality can sometimes be excessive.
  • They are gourmets, but their love for food leads to improper digestion.
  • Their temper is slow, deadly, but short-lived. They have a bustling, active nature.
  • Taureans are slow thinkers, but they are the least likely to change an opinion once made.


Personality Traits of May Born in Numerology

Health Problems that May Born Might Face

Natives born in May usually have excellent health. They suffer from afflictions of the nose, throat and lungs. They have enormous physical stamina, which is somewhat ruined by excessive eating and drinking. They tend to become fat, and they must thus exercise regularly and avoid fat and high-calorie food.

Career Options for May Born in Numerology

They must undertake the following vocations:

  • Public office
  • High positions in government service
  • Armed forces
  • Healing
  • Gardening
  • Fashion designing
  • Catering
  • Interior decoration
  • Trade of luxury items and bulk foods
  • Banking
  • Music

Lucky Friendship and Marriage Partners for May Born 

They feel fulfilment in friends and marriage partners who are born between 21st August and 27th September, between 21st October and 27th November and between 21st December and 27th January. They also have a natural affinity to natives born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month.

Financial Position of May Born

Taureans constantly worry about insufficient savings, and they must provide sufficient rest to their body and mind to earn sufficient wealth. They do not earn through sudden flashes of brilliance but systematic work based on creativity and endurance.

Lucky Colours of May Born

Lucky colours for those born in May are blue and pink. They must avoid red because it can easily excite them.

Lucky Days of May Born

Their lucky days are Friday and Monday.

Lucky Number of May Born

Their lucky number is 6.

Lucky Gems of May Born

Their lucky gems are emeralds and diamonds.

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