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Aries Sign in Astrology | Mesh Rashi Characteristics, Strengths, Weakness & Common Myths

Aries Sign in Astrology

Winning is something that runs in Aries’ blood. Being the first astrological sign, the natives with the Aries sign (mesh rashi) aim to be the firsts in everything they wish to do. They are everything that the other signs aspire to be, one of the fiercest signs. Bold, competitive and risk-takers, Aries’ native is a passionate individual who fears nothing.

Charismatic, energetic, independent, passionate, and ambitious are some traits found in the natives of Aries. Despite the formerly stated qualities, it is easy to say that they are one of the most misunderstood signs at times. There are certain stigmas and myths attached to them, which sometimes are too harsh for them. When confronted with difficulty, the natives of this sign will always find a way out.

Characteristics of Aries Sign or Mesh Rashi in Astrology

  • The natives of Mesh rashi are fearless that will not back down when confronted with a confrontation.
  • There isn’t a single problem that they are afraid of. Rather than whining about difficulties, Ariens prefers to find solutions to them.
  • They stand out from the crowd as they have a strong desire to succeed at everything.
  • They are the dreamers who wish to break away from the same old dull customs and established routes.
  • They are eager to cut off from everyone who does not support their aspirations.
  • Energies are important to them. If your mood and energy do not match theirs, they will find someone who does.
  • They are natural leaders as well. They are born to lead and manage people and lead them to victory.
  • Despite being good managers to people, they might not be the most liked people in the room.
  • Their honest opinions and bluntness about everything might come off as shrewd nature.
  • People might not like their outspokenness.

Strengths of Aries Zodiac Sign in Astrology

  • It is effortless to picture an Aries personality. It is a sign with a strong personality and free mindset, and the natives are fearless and enjoy power.
  • They are extremely competitive but at the same time manage to inspire everyone around them.
  • They want everyone to be the best versions of themselves and excel in their respective fields.
  • They enjoy leading positions and cannot live with a herd mentality.
  • Though people have judged Ariens as rude and aggressive, in reality, they are very emotional.
  • If one holds value in their lives, they will go out of their way to be there for them.
  • They are ultra-resilient and believe in rising from the ashes.
  • They are the risk-takers, and monotony bore them. For them, a perfect gift would be a day filled with new adventures.

Weaknesses of Aries Zodiac Sign in Astrology 

  • The natives with Aries zodiac sign forgets that some people might not be as strong as them.
  • They don’t realize that not everyone wants to face reality and hear the brutal truth. In this process of reality checks, they often offend and hurt people even if they do not mean to.
  • Their competitive spirit might also flow over the top sometimes, which might make them extremely self-centred.

Common Myths about Aries Sign in Astrology

There are an umpteen number of myths attached to the sign of Aries. Some of those are:

  • They would never put someone else before themselves – Though Aries do not believe in finding happiness by putting someone else before their own selves, if they value and respect someone, they will put them on a pedestal. You will come before everyone else in their lives.
  • The natives with Aries sign are rude – One can’t call them rude if one does not have it in them to hear the truth. All they do is give reality checks because they do not believe in sugar coating and people-pleasing. They are of the opinion that it is better if the truth is known by everyone.
  • They are Impulsive and have zero self-control -They might appear to be impatient and reckless people who are bad at self-control. But if one has known an Aries, he would know it’s just not true. The characteristics of confidence and bravery tells that if they put their mind to something, no one can do anything to change their minds. They are determined to seize the opportunities, and they don’t sit around for a problem to get solved by itself. They have an urge to solve everything that comes their way because they know they can come out of it.

It is just a peek into the Aries world. No day is a dull day with a native of Mesh rashi. They will be one of the most happening and inspiring companies you can ever have. For all the positive personality traits of the natives of Aries, the red flags can be easily ignored. The goal should be to stay in the good books of this sign. Their hot temper can be cruel to the core, and you would surely regret your actions.

While their outbursts don’t last long, it’s better to stay away from furious Aries until the steam has subsided. When they’re not going off the handle, these fearless natives of this sign are happy, joyful, and lively who enjoy life to the fullest. An Aries may always be seen excelling in athletics, driving down the highway, or arranging a lively party game.

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