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Why is it important to acknowledge the limits of light by Saturn? 

By definition, light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. But light also has another, more spiritual meaning. Light represents hope, life, and positive change. It is the symbol of enlightenment, and it guides us on our path to understanding. For these reasons, it is important to acknowledge the limits of light by Saturn.  

Just as our physical sight is limited by the boundary of the atmosphere, our spiritual sight is limited by the boundary of our understanding. By acknowledging this limit, we can begin to transcend it. We can move beyond our current state of understand and into a higher state of awareness. We can become more than just human beings; we can become spiritual beings. 

Saturn is associated with limitations, boundaries, and restrictions. It is the planet of karma, and its lessons can be challenging. Acknowledging the limits of light by Saturn can help us to better understand our own limitations and to work with them instead of against them. Saturn teaches us that we cannot always control everything, but that we can control our reaction to what happens. By learning to work with Saturn’s energy, we can create more balance and harmony in our lives. 

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