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Who can we go to for guidance when working with this energy in our lives? 

When it comes to navigating the energy of saturn in astrology, there are several sources we can turn to for guidance. Our own saturn placement in our birth chart can offer insight into where saturn may act as a challenge or an educator in our lives. Consulting with an astrologer can also provide valuable guidance on how saturn is impacting us individually and how we can work with its energy. Additionally, saturn’s placement in the current sky offers insights into what themes and lessons the collective may be dealing with at a given time. Combining all of these sources, we can start to understand saturn’s role in our lives and how we can use its energy for growth and transformation. Ultimately, saturn teaches us about responsibility and hard work, leading us toward maturity and ultimate fulfillment. With attention and effort, we can harness saturn’s lessons and benefit from its potential for deep personal development. 

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