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What stones are associated with Sun in Astrology? 

In astrology, the Sun is associated with plants and trees that are known for their strength and beauty. These include the oak tree, which is a symbol of strength and endurance, and the sunflower, which is associated with happiness and good fortune. Both of these plants are known for their ability to thrive in difficult conditions, and they are often seen as symbols of hope and resilience.  

In addition to these plants, the Sun is also associated with the color yellow, which is associated with happiness and positive energy. When it comes to astrology, the Sun is a powerful symbol of hope, positivity, and strength.  

Plants and trees associated with the Sun include those that are strong and resilient, able to withstand heat and drought. Some more examples include cacti, palms, and acacia trees. These plants are often found in sunny, dry climates and symbolize strength, determination, and vitality. Like the Sun, they offer warmth and light in times of darkness. 

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