What should we do when things seem to be going tough? 

When things seem to be going tough, it’s important to remember that everything is temporary. Even though it may feel like Saturn is in astrology forever, eventually it will move on to another sign.  

In the meantime, there are things we can do to make the best of the situation: 

  • While Saturn is in transit, it’s important to stay positive and focused on our goals.  
  • We may need to make adjustments along the way, but if we keep our eye on the prize, we’ll eventually get there. 
  •  Use this time to reflect on our life and make changes that will improve our future.  
  • We can look to our spiritual practice for guidance and wisdom.  

By taking these steps, we can weather any storm and come out stronger on the other side. 

The challenges we face during this time will make us stronger and wiser in the end. So don’t give up when things get tough – remember that Saturn is just testing our resolve. 

Saturn is known as the planet of obstacles and delays. When it’s prominent in a chart, it can indicate that things may not be going as smoothly as we’d like. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, Saturn can teach us valuable lessons about patience, perseverance, and determination. 

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