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What should we do to harness the power of the Sun in our lives? 

The Sun is the most important astrological influence in our lives. It is the source of all life, and it governs our vitality, ego, and sense of self. The Sun also represents our ability to shine and express our true selves. When the Sun is strong in our charts, we feel confident and radiant.  

We are able to take on new challenges and seize opportunities. Our creativity is enhanced, and we feel able to engage fully with life. However, when the Sun is weak or afflicted, we may feel discouraged or even depressed. We may lack confidence and direction.  

Our energy levels may be low, and we may find it difficult to express ourselves creatively. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to harness the power of the Sun in our lives. 

First, we can make a conscious effort to connect with its energy each day. Spend time outside in nature and let the Sun’s rays infuse you with their strength. Second, we can use solar symbolism in our rituals and meditations. Imagine yourself bathed in sunlight and feel its healing power flowing through you. Finally, we can learn to trust our own inner light. Just as the Sun shines forth each day, so too does your own inner radiance. You can also try the following things  

  • We can meditate on its energy. 
  • Wear yellow or gold clothing. 
  • Carry a citrine crystal, or even spend time in the sunshine each day.  
  • By connecting with the Sun’s energy, we can recharge our batteries and feel ready to take on anything that comes our way. 

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