What is the ultimate goal of Saturn in astrology? 

The goal of Saturn in astrology is to bring about focus, commitment, and perseverance in order to achieve success. This planet is often associated with hard work and discipline, as it requires these things in order to achieve its goals. For this reason, Saturn is often seen as a planet of consequence, as it can bring both positive and negative results depending on how it is used. When harnessed correctly, however, Saturn can be an incredibly powerful force for good. It can help us to overcome challenges and attain our highest goals. 

The ultimate goal of Saturn is to help us become better people. By teaching us patience, discipline, and responsibility, Saturn nudges us in the direction of personal growth. While the path to enlightenment may be long and difficult, it is ultimately rewarding. Those who are able to overcome their Saturnine challenges will find themselves richer for the experience. They will be wiser, stronger, and more compassionate than they ever thought possible.  

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