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What is the sun’s element?

The sun’s element is fire. Fire gives the sun its power and energy. It is the source of light and life for our planet. Just as the fire in our homes brings warmth and comfort, the sun provides us with all the necessities to live: heat, light, food, and water. We wouldn’t be able to survive without it. 

Like all things in nature, the sun has both a positive and negative side. The positive side of fire is that it brings warmth, comfort, joy, and life. The negative side is that it can also bring destruction and death. But even these negative aspects have a silver lining; from destruction comes new growth, and from death comes rebirth.  

The sun is a symbol of light, creativity, ambition, and expansiveness. It represents our divine potential and reminds us that we have the power to create our own realities. And it reminds us that no matter how challenging things might seem at times, we can always rise up to meet the challenges head on by tapping into our inner fire. When we connect with the power of the sun, we connect with our innermost selves and remember our cosmic origins. 

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