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What is the significance of Saturn’s role in karma? 

The planet Saturn, known as Shani in Hindu astrology, represents restrictions, limitations, and discipline. It is responsible for testing our character and integrity through difficult obstacles and challenges. In a sense, Saturn’s role in karma is to ensure that we reap what we sow – that our actions lead to appropriate consequences. Difficulties brought about by Saturn can force us to reassess past choices and create necessary changes in our behavior.  

By following the path of dharma, or righteousness, we can ultimately overcome obstacles and experience spiritual growth. So while it may be challenging, Saturn’s role in karma serves a crucial purpose in helping us realize our true potential and move closer towards enlightenment. Ultimately, it is up to us how we choose to react to these karmic tests – will we use them as opportunities for growth or let them hold us back? The choice is ours. 

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