What is the meaning of destiny and fate by Saturn? 

When it comes to astrology, Saturn is often thought of as the ruler of karma and the bringer of obstacles. However, it’s important to remember that these challenges are ultimately for our own growth and learning. In this sense, Saturn helps us understand our destiny and shape our fate through the lessons we experience. By facing and overcoming these challenges, we become stronger and more developed individuals. So rather than seeing Saturn as a harsh force limiting our choices, we can view it as a guide on our journey towards self-actualization and fulfillment. 

 In essence, destiny and fate are not predetermined outcomes, but opportunities for growth that we have the power to shape through our actions and responses in life. As with everything in astrology, Saturn’s influence is ultimately just one piece of the bigger picture – it’s up to us to find balance, make conscious choices, and embrace all that life has in store. 

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