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Sun in Astrology

What is the enemy of the Sun in Astrology? 

What is the enemy of the Sun in Astrology? 

There is no clear enemy of Sun. However, according to some astrologers, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu is considered as the enemy of Sun.

  • The Sun is called the soul of the world in the Vedas.
  • In the Vedic period, the Aryans considered the Sun to be the creator of the whole world.
  • The Sun is the soul of the entire universe.
  • Therefore, it is not surprising that since the Vedic period, sun worship has been practiced in India.
  • Earlier this sun worship was done with mantras.
  • Later on idol worship became popular and sun temples were built everywhere.
  • In ancient times, many temples of Lord Surya were built in India.
  • Not only in Vedic literature, but in Ayurveda, astrology, palmistry, the importance of Sun has been propounded.
Name of the PlanetFriendly PlanetNeutral PlanetEnemy Planets
SunMoon, Mars, JupiterMercuryVenus, Saturn, Rahu,Ketu

Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab are both about how the planets relate to each other. In Lal Kitab, the relationships between the planets have their own importance and rules. In another part of Vedic astrology, the natural planets will always be friends or foes, and the way they see each other is also natural. But Lal Kitab has its own method for how it works.

In traditional astrology, the Panchadha Maitri Chakra and Tatkal Maitri Chakra are used to find out which planets are at odds with each other and which are at peace with each other. In the same way, in the Lal Kitab, we can see which planets are friends or foes of each other.

Jupiter (Guru), Mars, and the Moon are all friends with Surya.
The Sun’s foes are Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.
Mercury is on the same level as the Sun.

Moon’s friends are Jupiter (Guru), Mars, the Sun, and Saturn.
This is bad news for Rahu and Ketu.
The equator goes through Mercury and Venus.

Mars is in the same house as the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter (Guru).
Mercury and Ketu both have people who don’t like them.
They get along with Venus, Saturn, and Rahu.

Saturn, Mercury, and Ketu all keep houses with it that are friendly.
Sun, Moon, and Rahu join them on the side of their enemies.
Both Mars and Jupiter (Guru) are in the same house.

His friends are Venus, the Sun, and Rahu.
It thinks of the Moon as a threat.
Mercury have friendly relation with Saturn, Ketu, Mars, and Jupiter.

Mercury, Venus, and Rahu still get along with them.
The Sun, the Moon, and Mars all have enemies.
They get along with Jupiter and Ketu.

Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu all live in a house with them that is friendly.
The Sun, Venus, and Mars all have enemies.
Jupiter (Guru) and the Moon are at peace.

His friends are Venus and Rahu.
Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies.
Guru (Jupiter), Saturn, and Mercury are all the same.

So, in addition to their friendships and rivalries, there are some other things that show their friendships and rivalries.

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