What is the best time to work with Saturn? 

In astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of discipline and hard work. It represents ambition, structure, and responsibility. Working with the energy of Saturn can help us achieve our goals and create long-lasting success in our lives.  

But when is the best time to call upon this energy? The answer depends on where Saturn is currently located in your birth chart. When Saturn transits through a particular zodiac sign or house, it can bring challenges or opportunities related to that area of life. Paying attention to saturn’s movements can help you make the most out of its positive influences and potentially mitigate any difficulties it may bring.  

In addition, working with saturn during its retrograde periods can also be fruitful as it allows for introspection and reflection on personal limitations and potential growth areas. Ultimately, tuning into saturn’s movements in your chart can guide you towards determining when best to harness its power for maximum impact. 

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