Yogas in Astrology

What is Srinath Yoga in Astrology? (Shrinath Yoga)

Many yogas and doshas are formed in our birth chart by placements of particular planets in particular houses with certain conjunctions and specific aspects. Srinath yoga is one of the essential and well-known yogas in astrology.

Yogas are auspicious and inauspicious combinations of conjunctions, placements of planets formed by planets placement in different houses and signs. According to their birth chart, these yogas are planets’ movements that result in considerable changes in native life.

Srinath Yoga in Astrology

Shrinath Yoga is the rarest of all the raj yogas. It gives wealth, fame, success and also makes the native popular. Srinath yoga in astrology is related to the 10th house, one of the primary dwellings for the career and professional world.

Srinath yoga happens in the critical house, 10th house, where the 10th house represents authority, status, position, command, ruling powers, means of livelihood and all actions dealing with it, respect, honor, father, living abroad, debts etc. This is one of the leading houses of career and affects the whole life of the native. This is known as karmas then, and any yoga formed in this house keeps much importance in the native’s life.

How Srinath Yoga is formed?

For every yoga to form in the birth chart, there are some particular planets particular houses and signs are involved, and there are some rules to develop that yoga and gain benefits through that fully so this yoga also have some rules as:

  • According to the Vedic text, Shri Nath yoga is formed in two ways:
  • The lord of the 7th 9th house is conjunct in the 10 places Shrinath yoga is formed.
  • When the 9th lord is in Kendra, Venus and Mercury are placed in their exaltation or friendly sign.
  • It is said that only people falling under Sagittarius Ascendant can have yoga. Still, during September and October, with a rising of the Sun in the Virgo Sign, there is the possibility of an amiable formation. One needs to stimulate the 7th house to activate this yoga because the 7th lord happens to be the yoga causing planet. Thus, keeping all these things in mind, such a yoga formation is sporadic and very few people in the world can successfully perform it.
  • Retrogression and combustion of the planet should also be considered, as it may diminish all the sound effects of yoga.
  • Any malefic aspects over the given house can change the benefits less effectively or diminish all the good or bad results, so all these things should be checked.
  • Native’s full birth chart should be analyzed to see if yoga is formed to the level of giving its good results and benefits.
  • Yoga/dosha gives more results under the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planets of houses involved in forming this yoga.

What are the significance and effects of Shrinath yoga? | Srinath Yoga Effects

  • Native gets affluent spouses.
  • Native’s spouse supports them.
  • They get popularity like no other.
  • They get quick material comforts.
  • Many actors and actresses have this yoga.
  • They are influential over a large crowd.
  • They are known nationally and internationally.
  • They look handsome and beautiful, and they have great charm.
  • They get the result of their hard work.
  • They Keep getting jobs and working.
  • They live a luxurious life.
  • They have big houses and many properties.
  • They rule on many hearts.
  • They do well in business, and they get a good business partner.
  • They get the support of the authoritarian government.
  • They get help from father figures.
  • They get higher education.
  • They are very spiritual people.
  • They get an excellent life partner.
  • They are very good at making relationships.
  • They have an excellent professional environment.
  • They are respected in their profession.

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