Yogas in Astrology

What is Kahal Yoga in Astrology?

Many yogas and doshas are formed in our birth chart by placements of particular planets in particular houses with certain conjunctions and specific aspects. Kahal yoga in astrology is one of the essential and well-known yogas.

Yogas are auspicious combinations of conjunctions, placements of planets formed by planets placement in different houses and signs. According to their birth chart, these yogas are planets’ movements that result in considerable changes in native life.

Kahal Yoga in Astrology

Kahal Yoga is related to aggression, power and courage; it is often found in chief and general of the army and police and great athletes.

This yoga gives the native power of winning competitions and wars through great courage and strength. They can destroy their enemies.

The word Kahal is a Sanskrit word that means Drum, which is related to bravery and courage.

Kahal yoga in astrology is one of the auspicious raja yoga, which gives the native the highest positions in services where energy and courage are required.

How Kahal Yoga is formed?

For every yoga to form in the birth chart, there are some particular planets particular houses and signs are involved, and there are some rules to develop that yoga and gain benefits through that fully so this yoga also have some rules as:

  • When the 4th house, happiness, forms a quadrant with the 9th house of luck, Kahal yoga is formed.
  • If the lord of the 3rd house and the lord of the 10th house are in Kendra and the lord of ascendant is strong, Kahal Yoga is formed.
  • If 1st house Ascendant(Lagna) is weak, yoga may not give its full results and benefits.
  • Any malefic aspects over the given house can change the benefits less effectively or diminish all the good results, so all these things should be checked.
  • For ex- Malefic Saturn in the 4th house and giving the 7th aspect to the 10th house will spoil the auspicious qualities of the 10th house, so they will find it hard to get a government job, or it will be tough to get selected in Military or police job.
  • The conspiracy will be higher at the workplace.
  • Even with a lot of hard work, they will not deserve recognition.
  • Native’s full birth chart should be analyzed to see if yoga is formed to the level of giving its good results and benefits.
  • Yoga gives more benefits under the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planets of houses involved in forming this yoga.

What are the significance and effects of this yoga? | Kahal Yoga Effects

  • Native have good communication skills.
  • Native enjoys short as well as long journeys.
  • The native will be cautious in signing any documents.
  • Their relations with their brother and sister will be pretty good.
  • They can get an authoritative position in government.
  • They will make a mark in the banking and financial sector.
  • They can be general, chief, and officer in the army and police.
  • Their higher education will be excellent, but it depends on other factors.
  • They will be fortunate enough.
  • They will gain immovable assets depending upon other factors of their horoscope.
  • They will attain real estate and buildings.
  • They will attain leadership in big government and private organizations.
  • They will be pious and religious.
  • They will have immense energy and passion.
  • They may have anger issues and be short-tempered.
  • If the ascendant doesn’t support the person , they can become lazy and loathsome.
  • When maha Dasha of malefic planets are in effect, it will reduce the chances of getting benefits of the yoga during the Mahadashas and Anatardashas of malefic planets, so natives should perform remedies for malefic planets to reduce malefic results over their birth chart.

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