What happens when we ignore Saturn’s lessons? 

Saturn is often known as the ‘planet of lessons.’ In astrology, Saturn is associated with hard work, responsibility, and obstacles. Saturn’s lessons can be difficult, but they are always meant to teach us something important.  

In astrology, Saturn represents our challenges and experiences that test our strength and resilience. It teaches us about our limitations, and how to overcome them. When we ignore Saturn’s lessons, we may find ourselves repeating the same mistakes, or facing the same challenges, over and over again. We may feel stuck in a rut, or like we are constantly hitting a brick wall.  

However, if we can learn to listen to Saturn’s voice, and take its lessons to heart, we can use them to transform our lives for the better. We can become stronger, wiser and more resilient people as a result. So next time Saturn comes knocking on your door, don’t ignore its lesson – it could be just what you need to help you get back on track. 

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