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What are the lucky numbers for those with Saturn in astrology? 

Saturn is known as the planet of lessons, limitations, and hard work in astrology. It represents our karma, and its position in our charts can give us insight into the challenges we may face in life. With that in mind, what are the lucky numbers for those with Saturn in their chart? According to some astrologers, saturn governs the number 8.  

This number symbolizes power and authority, and it can lead to material success. However, saturn also rules over number 5. The number 5 represents unexpected changes and adventure, and it can signify big transitions in life.  

So, for those with saturn in their chart, both 8 and 5 could be lucky numbers. However, it’s important to remember that saturn does not bring luck without effort – these numbers may only bring success if you are willing to work for it and overcome saturn’s challenges. Ultimately, saturn’s influence can either be difficult or fortunate – it all depends on how we approach its lessons. 

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