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Rahu in Gemini | Rahu Gemini in Birth Chart

Rahu in Gemini

Rahu in Gemini is acting elaborately. It magnifies everything in order to increase one’s material prosperity and demonstrates one’s passion for the goals that one is here to pursue. Rahu is the planet of alien objects, lands, and people. Rahu is the illusionist and the sorcerer. Rahu is the planet of mass communication, technology, and imagination.

Gemini is a sign that symbolises communication, especially amongst persons of opposing genders. This sign’s inhabitants are adept at expressing their emotions at any given time. They carefully choose their words and express themselves in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Their communication technique differs significantly from that of other signs.

Characteristics of Rahu in Gemini

  • Rahu wants to be the first to speak or address anything to the world because mass communication is what Rahu knows.
  • Rahu is a strange planet. It is the deceiver, and Rahu demonstrates a strong desire to do anything in this life.
  • It reminds the natives that they are on earth to accomplish something. They want to do this through mass communication.
  • They aspire to be the best general reporters in the world. They aspire to be the best DJs and anchors in the world. When they write a book, they want it to be the biggest seller ever. Rahu communicates with the masses.
  • It also represents foreign land which leads to the natives of Taurus with Rahu communicating with foreign diplomats or they have a good experience with foreign languages especially if Rahu is in Gemini in the second, third, fifth or ninth house.
  • They want to take up a foreign culture, study foreign art and speak about it or make documentaries out of it. They would also like to write fiction and non-fiction books about it.
  • Rahu intensifies the need of the native of Gemini to communicate. They communicate with full force and create an impact on the audience when they talk.
  • If Rahu is in the second house in Gemini sitting with Mercury, it will make the native curse a lot and talk ill of everything.
  • The natives of Gemini with Rahu are attracted to the media. Directly or indirectly they will give their contribution to the media.

What does Rahu signifies in Astrology?

  • Rahu is a shadow planet in Astrology that takes the form of a headless/serpent-headed humanoid. As a result, Rahu rules temptations and worldly possessions, and he will never be satisfied with minor rewards, preferring instead to take the lion’s share.
  • Rahu is a savage. As a result, natives influenced by Rahu will have a squabbling attitude.
  • The lion is Rahu’s mode of transportation in mythology, and the lion is an animal that does not hurt when it is not hungry.
  • Similarly, natives controlled by Rahu will take it easy and only strike/hunt when absolutely necessary.
  • Rahu is chaotic and unreliable energy in Astrology, controlled by intense desires and unconcerned with ethical ideals of right and evil.
  • Rahu can bring significant material advancement, albeit any prosperity achieved under its influence is likely to be fleeting.
  • Rahu is deceptive, and he creates a variety of illusions. It reveals itself most visibly in one’s unrestrained passions.
  • In contrast to Rahu, who is more concerned with external, worldly issues, Ketu is an unsteady and sometimes deceitful force, but its traits are more abstract and internal in nature.
  • Rahu is enamoured with worldly wealth and material possessions. In Vedic astrology, Rahu signifies one’s ambitions, or what one is continuously thinking about.

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What does Gemini Sign signifies in Astrology?

Gemini is one of the Zodiac signs, and it is an Air Sign. Natives of Gemini are known to be adaptable, clever, energetic, imaginative and witty. They love independence, freedom and change. Natives of Gemini are also known to be entertaining, curious and open-minded. They are very clever with their words and they have interesting thoughts and opinions. However, natives of Gemini also have some weaknesses, such as being indecisive, impulsive, mischievous, restless and superficial. They are also very shallow in judging a person’s real qualities.

  • Gemini Sign is an Air sign that is known to be adaptable, clever, and energetic
  • Natives of Gemini are also known for being witty, curious, and open-minded
  • Natives of the Gemini sign have some weaknesses such as being indecisive, impulsive, restless, and superficial

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