Nakshatras in Astrology

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Astrology | Characteristics, Padas & Remedies

The meaning of the word Aashadha is festival or procession and Purva Ashadha means before the procession. This is an indication that the key part of the baby’s growth in the foetus is over and the baby is getting ready for birth.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Vedic astrology is one of the Adhomukhi Nakshatras (or the Nakshatras, which have their mouths downwards). In these Nakshatras, things related to tanks, wells, temples, mining, digging, etc., can be auspiciously begun and performed.

Symbol: An Ivory
The symbol of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ivory. Ivory indicates the development of the brain and the soaking of calcium. Some people also consider the tusk of an elephant as a symbol of Poorvashadha. This is an indication of the maturing of the lungs.

Deity: The Varuna
Varuna is an Aadhithya. The meaning of the word Varuna is the one who covers or binds. Varuna is associated with the sky, sea, and water. His streak of demonic violent tendencies led to his demotion. He has comprehensive knowledge of many topics. The direction of Varuna is west. Varuna’s mount is Makara. Makara is a half terrestrial and half aquatic animal.

Range 253⁰ 20” – 266⁰ 40”
Rashi Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Yogathara Kaus Borealis or Lambda Sagittarii
Apparent Magnitude 2.9
Latitude -2⁰ 08”
Longitude 253⁰ 32” 23’
Right ascension 18h 27m
Declination -25⁰ 25”

Characteristics of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • The yoni animal of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is the monkey.
  • The one thing known about monkeys from cartoons and tarzan movies is that they swing from one branch to the other as a way of travelling.
  • Monkeys are extremely clever when it comes to stealing food and anything they can get their hands on.
  • In India, some thugs even train monkeys to steal wallets and purses from people.
  • The Capuchin monkeys are extremely smart as they can make tools and use sign languages to get their projects done.
  • They are also very much into hygiene.
  • They will clean each other for bugs, lice or any other critter in their fur, which also allows them to socialize.
  • They enjoy living up high on tree branches and prefer to be as high as possible.
  • Knowing the qualities of a monkey, it can be learnt about Purva Ashadha natives that they can’t stick to one thing for a long time.
  • They either give it up or have it taken from them, which are truly seen in their career path.
  • They continuously get and lose a job.
  • Such people do better in places where projects change frequently or freelance work.
  • This does not mean if you have just one planet in the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, your consistency in career is over; no, this only occurs when one goes through the dasha of the planet in Purva Ashadha or when the ascendant or Moon is in this Nakshatra.
  • It is like a monkey going from one branch to another.
  • The cleverness of the monkey gene doesn’t skip a beat in these natives.
  • They are extremely clever and strategic on every move.
  • They can pull any trick to achieve what they set out to do.
  • It’s not cheating, but they are 5 steps ahead like a champion chess player.
  • The symbolism of this Nakshatra is a winnowing basket or an elephant’s tusk (the themes and symbols of Purva and Uttara Ashadha are similar) or a hand fan.
  • The symbol of a winnowing basket is of refinement, cleansing and purifying.
  • It is used in India to separate small stones and particles from rice or wheat.
  • It’s a basket that requires strategic planning and movement to remove the chaff from grains; hence, Purva Ashada natives are natural strategists who know how to make any project clean and pure.
  • It’s very hard and strategic work to even make a winnowing basket for rice cleaning.
  • Lord Ganesha used the tusk or his tooth to write the Mahabharata text, which clearly shows the writing skills these natives possess, especially philosophical and theological writing.
  • There is a priestly quality to their writing as God Ganesha broke his tusk to use as a pen to write Mahabharata.
  • This story is about the epic battle between two families, including Lord Krishna.
  • Purva Ashada natives love reading and writing battle or war sagas. They love reading books like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War or Machiavelli’s The Prince.
  • The symbol of the fan represents comfort. When there was no electricity in the past, people fanned themselves, or someone else was appointed to do the job.
  • This shows the extravagant nature of Purva Ashadha natives.
  • They want comfort and the best of everything.
  • They want to be in the best hotel, best resort, have luxury items, accessories, and would like to fly in the first class.
  • Purva Ashadha natives must have these in order to feel normal, while others may feel normal in most ordinary conditions.
  • They are serial vacationers because they feel like crossing and being near the ocean.
  • The deity of the Purva Ashada Nakshatra is Apah, the cosmic waters.
  • Apah brings about the waters that inspire all of humanity.
  • Purva Ashada Nakshatra is also connected with the elephant-headed God, Ganesha, as he was the one who broke his tusk to write the Mahabharata.
  • The vanara sena, or the army of monkeys, assisted Lord Rama in his search for his kidnapped wife, Sita.
  • Lord Rama’s greatest devotee was Hanuman, whose mother was also a great devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Hanuman is said to have created an alternative version of Ramayan, which surpassed the original version of Ramayana created by Sage Valmiki over a period of 12 years.
  • Valmiki was brought down to a mixture of joy and sorrow after reading Hanuman’s version and is said to have been perplexed by the magnitude of the work.
  • Hanuman inquired why the sage was bothered and simply threw his book into the ocean with the sage on his shoulder.
  • The sage said that he would be reborn in another age as Hanuman’s devotee and retell the Ramayana in a common person’s words.
  • This Nakshatra is also the birth star of Mars.
  • It can also be learnt from the mythology synopsis that Purva Ashada natives love being near water.
  • For them, water is a life force and not just a necessity.
  • Purva Ashadha natives will talk with their family members about how they want to go to the ocean for vacation and find a house near the ocean or river.
  • In the Ramayana, monkeys with Hanuman build the bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Similarly, these natives are able to accomplish the most challenging and unimaginable tasks with their cleverness and strategic intelligence.
  • This Nakshatra also occurs in the middle of the Sagittarius sign (natural 9th house in astrology), which means it is at the heart of the sign of higher education, higher knowledge, philosophy, wisdom and God’s devotion.
  • Purva Ashadha natives do excellent in such fields when planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in this Nakshatra.
  • The planet Mars is born on this Nakshatra. Hence, it is a Nakshatra of war.
  • Wars may start on this Nakshatra, as it needs a lot of strategic planning.
  • To win any war, one must first strategize before implementing any plan.

Attributes of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Spread from 13’20” up to 26’40” in Sagittarius (Dhanu) Sign.
  • Lord is Guru; the deity is “Varun’ (Lord of the Waters), a ‘hand fan’ symbol.
  • Its attributes are extensiveness like that of the waters, concealment, protection of the dependant, firmness in danger, kindness, forgiving nature, power of endurance, biding time for opportunities for victory, declaration of war, the courage never to submit or yield, cold things, marine life, fish or anything concerning fish trade, bridge-making, fisherman’s occupation, the watery part of the human system, kidney trouble, things that float on waters including boats, ships and other vessels, mist, i.e. barges, all these things come within the purview of this star.
  • According to some, the deity of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ‘Daksha’, the son of Prajapati. He was the father of ‘Sati’; he was the most powerful among Gods but having incurred the displeasure of Shiva, he was beheaded and had a goat’s head in place of his own.
  • From this, it is possible to ascribe attributes like truth, desire and other qualities of Puru, Kuru, Pururaba and others to this star.

Description of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Treatise

  • According to Hora Sara: The native born in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra will be firm in friendship, modest, will have many sons, lead men, be intelligent, will consume savoury food, will have pleasure from wife and will be dear to the king.
  • According to Jataka Parijata: If a native is born in the star Purva Ashadha, he will be uniformly well-behaved, endowed with a high sense of honor, well off, and calm minded.
  • According to Sage Narada: The native born in Purva Ashadha will derive sexual pleasures only from his spouse. He will be skilful, firm in friendship, will incur grief, be heroic and honourable.
  • According to Brihat Samhita: The native born under Purva Ashadha will have an amiable and jolly wife, will be proud and firm in friendship.

Purva Ashadha Pada Description

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 1st Pada:

  • 1st Pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ruled by Leo Navamsa (Governed by Sun).
  • Those born in the first pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra need to live with purpose, are expressive, authoritative, leading others, philosophical, religious, spiritual, ethical, and their moral views come out in creativity and are expressed in leadership roles.
  • Those born in the first pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra have little enjoyment in life. They are great warriors, endowed with bloodshot eyes, hard-hearted, are stingy, grabbers of others’ wealth, develop enmity with relatives and do cruel jobs.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 2nd Pada:

  • 2nd Pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ruled by Virgo Navamsa (Governed by Mercury).
  • Those born in the second pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra are soft-hearted, kind, have great compassion, are good communicators and possess writing talents, a philosophy of making things perfect, placing importance on details, and expressing philosophies in a perfect manner.
  • Those born in the second pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra suffer from stomach diseases due to the collection of water or endowed with a large stomach, are good speakers and are soft-spoken. They are kind, truthful, long to meet their relatives and are mostly religious, learned and carry on questionable transactions.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 3rd Pada:

  • 3rd Pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ruled by Libra Navamsa (Governed by Venus).
  • Those born in the third pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra represent spiritual beliefs, social relationships with similar moral people, extremely artistic, will do art of a spiritual nature, art associated with a belief system, enjoy the art of their travels, foreign art, art involving the ocean or water in general, have a love of food, adventures for food, travelling to try the food, and lover of foreign foods
  • Those born in the third pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra are fickle, pure, enjoyers, kind-hearted, entertain guests, wealthy, worshipers of Gods, religious, and respected by kings.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 4th Pada:

  • 4th Pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is ruled by Scorpio Navamsa (Governed by Mars).
  • Those born in the fourth pada of Purva Ashadha are deep thinkers, passionate, full of depth, possessing a strong temper, prone to agitation, have difficulty with decision making, prone to secrecy, love is an adventure for them, are sexually ambitious, and have a possibility of having many children
  • Those born in the fourth pada of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra are untruthful, hate learned people, sharp and bent on doing bad works. They are always angry and suffer from diseases. They carry on little jobs and reside in foreign countries.

Sun’s Ingress (Dec 29th- Jan 10th) for Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • The Sun is in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra between Dec 29th and Jan 10th. If you are born during this period, then your Sun is in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.
  • No major celebration or festival occurs during this period.

Tree of Purva Ashadha: Ashoka

  • The tree for Purvashadha is Ashoka or ‘Saraca Asoca’.
  • Ashoka is closely associated with Yakshini.
  • It is also associated with Kamadeva or the God of desires.
  • Ashoka tree is worshipped in Chaithra month of the Indian calendar.

Applications of Ashoka

  • Ashoka is effective in uterus disorders or bleeding gynaecological conditions.
  • It is a cardiac tonic and good for blood circulation.
  • Its bark improves skin complexion.
  • It relieves pain caused by swelling.
  • It helps to regularise hormones and menstrual cycles.
  • It improves the strength and stamina of females.

Astronomical Information of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • Some astronomers believe that Yogatara of Purva Ashadha is Delta Sagittarri and others believe that it is Lambda Sagittarri.
  • It is sometimes occulted by the Moon and rarely by planets. It was occulted by Venus in 1984 and by Mercury in 1865. Purva Ashadha is owned by Venus.
  • Lambda Sagittarri makes the northern tip of the archer’s bow. This is a clump star. Even though it is dying, it is quite stable.
  • It is also a modest X-ray source. It is a yellow-orange star and is categorised as a very cool star.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Sign (Rashi) compatibility of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Bride

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces

Rashi compatibility of Purva Ashadha Nakshathra Groom

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Pisces

Compatibility Factors of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • Nadi: Madhya or middle.
  • Gana (Nature): Manushya or human.
  • Yoni (Animal Symbol): Vanara or monkey.
  • Result of wearing new clothes on Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Illness, damage to clothes due to water and wetness.
  • Result of first menses on Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: May get involved in resourceful activities, may not get along with children, enjoys non-vegetarian food, and committed to habits.
  • Result of performing shraddha on Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Fame.
  • Beneficial activities on Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Diplomacy, attack on the enemy, manufacturing weapons, marketing and digging a well or a borewell.
  • Beneficial savskara or ceremonies on Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Start learning a new subject, threading ceremony, Anugraha and Deeksha.

Remedies of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • The remedy for this Nakshatra is to take care of their teeth.
  • These natives will have some type of teeth issues from time to time in their life, but as long as their teeth are in good shape, their life will be smooth and decent.
  • When teeth or gums are not doing well, then their life becomes wobble in the area of life where this Nakshatra resides.
  • Also, having a statue or painting of an elephant in their homes brings victories in a daily battle.
  • Just make sure one gets a statue or painting, where the tusk of the elephant is raised up and has full tusks.
  • They should also wear the best of the best things they can.
  • They should not shy away from their luxurious needs to the dogmatic view of the society.
  • Even if one is spiritual and desires to have a Rolex watch, then one should strive for it.
  • We have completely deluded our lives from the manipulated meaning of spirituality, where one has to be a beggar or poor if they are to call themselves a yogi or a spiritual individual.
  • Sri Aurobindo completely shattered this idea with his God awakened sense and powers.
Feed  Water or leafy vegetables
Donate Blankets
Vratham Udhak Shanthi
Vedic Sooktham Apah Sooktham, Varuna Sooktham

Remedies for Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Quality of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • This is an Ugra Nakshatra, which means a very fierce Nakshatra.
  • This quality of the Nakshatra becomes a compliment for such strategic qualities.
  • This Nakshatra may be priestly, over achiever and creative, but there is a fire that is within.
  • It is like the chaos that Shiva created during the yagna of Daksha.
  • Activities done on this Nakshatra may turn out to be volatile and violent, creating disputes and arguments.

Caste of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • The caste of this Nakshatra is Manushya (human), which shows all human qualities; greedy, envy, ego, love and lust.
  • These are natives who look to attain what all humans have.
  • They want the best of everything and deal with the art of war to attain what they need and want and may love reading books like Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Sound of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

  • The sound for this nakshatra is Bhoo- pada 1, Dhaa- pada 2, Phaa- pada 3, Dha- pada 4.
  • Sound has an extremely important role to play with Nakshatra.
  • Everything we do, say, buy, wear, drive has a name attached to it known as brand.
  • One must look at their chart with an accurate time of birth and see where the Nakshatra of Purva-Ashada is in their chart, which means where is the sign of Sagittarius.
  • If someone is a Capricorn ascendant, then the 12th house would be Sagittarius; when using such brands or name that starts with such sounds would be beneficial for spiritual progress, foreign travels, astral travel and seeking solitude.

Summary of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Dasha Ruler Venus
Symbol A winnowing basket
Deity Varuna (water deity)
Rulership People who are tenderhearted, navigators, fishermen, truthful, pure and wealthy, the constructor of bridges, and those who live by the water.
Moon in Purva Ashadha One has an agreeable wife giving comforts and happiness. One is honourable and a loyal friend.
Activity Balanced
Caste Brahmana
Direction Downward
Gender Female
Nadi Pitta
Nature Ugra (fierce)
Quality Rajasic
Yoni Monkey
Specie Manushya
Tattva Air
Purusharth Moksha or enlightenment
Work Profile Teacher, counsellor, consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Special about Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

This is an Ugra Nakshatra, which means a very fierce Nakshatra. This quality of the Nakshatra becomes a compliment for such strategic qualities. This nakshatra may be priestly, over achiever and creative but there is a fire that is within.

Which Rashi is Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?


Who is the Lord of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?


Who is the Deity of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?


What is the Symbol of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Handfan, Winnowing basket, Elephant’s tusk

What is the Gana of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Manushya (Human)

What is the Quality of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Ugra (Fierce)

What is the Caste of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Manushya (Human)

What is the Animal of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Male Monkey

What is the Bird of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?


What is the Tree of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Rattan Cane, Sita Ashoka

What are the Initials of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra?

Rattan Cane, Sita Ashoka

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