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Moon in 10th House in Astrology

Moon in 10th House in Astrology

Moon in 10th house in Astrology gives most people a career in the medical field or hotel business, especially if it’s in the sign of Cancer, Libra or Pisces. A female with Moon in 10th House can become one of the best nurses.

The tenth house represents career, authority in the outside world as it is opposite to the home world represented by the fourth house, reputation in society, and fathers’ teachings.

The Moon represents the emotional response to surroundings, emotional connectivity or relationship with people. It signifies the mind, which is most important as per astrology as it defines a person and his acts in life. Moon also represents the mother’s influence on the native.

Significance and Characteristics of Moon in the Tenth House

  • Moon in the tenth house represents the inclination of the native towards gaining authority, power or status to help underprivileged people or people who lack nourishment and care.
  • The native of Moon in the tenth house is a diplomat who will try to find a midway or peace in between any conflict or violent situation. However, if the Moon is debilitated, the native will be obsessed with the power and will find peace in the fourth house.
  • The native of Moon in the tenth house will be involved in a career related to mother’s nourishment or mother’s role such as a chef, home decorator, nurse, senior centre doctors, caretakers, doctors or dentists.
  • The native’s mother will be a career-oriented, authoritative and professional woman. The native will have a good, disciplined and sincere relationship with her. Also, because the tenth house represents the father, the native will have a very emotional relationship with his father.
  • Due to the professional and disciplined relationship with his mother, the native of Moon in the tenth house will lack nourishment, traditional values and homely feeling, which he will try to seek in his spouse.
  • Moreover, because the tenth house represents authority and leadership, the natives will be a source of guiding light in their home and are always involved or dealing with people.

Moon in 10th House in Astrology

What does 10th House Signify in Astrology?

The 10th House shows your image in the outer world, like your place of work and community, as it’s opposite to the 4th house that represents your home and your private life.

The tenth house represents the working years, the time of life when one is fully productive and career-oriented. The 10th house represents the source of livelihood, the everyday work we do. It is the most active house and is generally connected to the way we do things and how the outside world labels us.

Physically, the 10th house corresponds to the 2nd part of the legs, that is, the knees. Capricorn corresponds to the 10th house.

What does Moon represent in Astrology?

Moon in Astrology shows how one thinks and reacts to the situation, and it shows how emotional or unemotional you are depending upon the condition of the Moon. The Moon is also a watery planet, as it controls the sign of Cancer.

Moon in Astrology represents your mother or motherly figures, your emotional response to your environment, and your imagination since the Moon is your mind. A good position of the moon in your horoscope or birth chart in astrology will make these things auspicious, i.e., your relationship with your mother and your mind will be calm & you will be a creative being. If the moon is unfavourably placed in your horoscope, then it may ruin the relationship with your mother.

Auspicious Results of Moon in 10th House in Astrology

  • One is pious and good charactered.
  • One will be benevolent and sympathetic.
  • One will be calm and contented.
  • One is satisfied with his gains.
  • One will be educated, scholarly, clever, and prudent.
  • One will be sympathetic, religious, dutiful, pleasant-natured, and unproblematic.
  • One will be cultured, intelligent and thoughtful.
  • One will be honoured in the family and society.
  • One will be popular, and his fame may spread far and wide.
  • One will be enthusiastic, charitable, victorious, brave, and famous.
  • One will execute any work he will undertake.
  • One may be very wealthy, and this may enlighten his personality.
  • One may become wealthy through wealth attained from his in-laws.
  • One may be recognized by the state and get wealth and name from there.
  • One will have good contacts with the government and exercise his influence over them.
  • One will get benefits from ladies of high-class families.
  • One will possess clothes and ornaments.
  • One may become a famous businessman through his own efforts despite being born in a poor household.
  • One will get the help and support of his father.
  • Friends and others are helpful.
  • One may have affairs with different members of the opposite sex every day.
  • One may be skilled at all arts.
  • One will be blessed with all comforts in youth.
  • One will attain various comforts and be blessed with a spouse and son.
  • One will constantly conflict with his elder son.
  • One may gain through the trade of items of public welfare.
  • One’s wealth will be fluctuating.

Moon in 10th House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Moon in 10th House in Astrology

  • One will have a weak body.
  • One’s childhood will be full of problems.
  • One may run away from his duties.
  • There will be ups and downs in business.
  • One will perform ill deeds.
  • There will be obstacles and hurdles at work.
  • The parents may die in childhood.
  • There may be fame in elections.
  • One may become a leader.
  • The entire life may be unstable.
  • There may always be changes in jobs.
  • Planetary combinations may cause the loss of parents. If during this period, one of them survives, then relations become strained.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Moon in 10th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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