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Mars in 1st House in Astrology

Mars in 1st House in Astrology

The Mars in 1st House astrology represents the physical characteristics of the native. The first house is responsible for the entire mapping of the native’s life and how other houses and planets will work in the life of the native.

Mars is known as a soldier planet, and it is representative of energy, action, fitness, selfishness, aggression and competition. Mars in the 1st house gives excellent results in the 1st house; it provides enough willpower to the native to succeed in the business world, and it promotes self-employment. This is a great position to have Mars if one is in the real estate business.

Significance and Characteristics of Mars in 1st House in Astrology

  • The native of Mars in the first house will be energetic and enthusiastic from childhood, due to which as a child (or in youth), the native would get a lot of injuries, cuts and scratches.
  • The native would be inclined towards fitness and a healthy body. The native could be interested in hiking, volleyball, football or in exercising. He will try to keep his body fit, beautiful and young. The native could be a fitness model, trainer or athlete.
  • The natives  will be competitive, aggressive and of selfish behaviour. They would compare themselves with their family or friends in every aspect, and the feeling of competition and rivalry will drive them, which could result in both good and bad, as per the given circumstances.
  • Mars in the first house is a good placement for the native to be in the business or corporate world as the feeling of competition and not wanting to lose will drive them to do better. But if Mars is debilitated, it could lead the native to become involved in illegal activities for the sake of winning.
  • When Mars aspects the fourth house of land, it signifies the hidden lands or property related work for the native. The native could be a real estate dealer or developer. When Mars aspects the seventh house, it represents the energy drain from the marriage, which signifies increased sexual activities. Similarly, from the eighth house, Mars signifies sudden aspects of injuries, accident or death.

Mars in 1st House in Astrology

What does the 1st House signify in Astrology ?

The 1st House in Astrology rules the body and personality. Most astrologers will say that it rules the majority of a person’s life and its luck as well, but it’s not true. Other houses rule the luck, career, and wealth factor.

The 1st House in Vedic Astrology represents the birth itself, becoming an individual. It represents life overall, the self, and the whole body. Whatever influences the first house will impact the entire life, the personality, the body, and the complexion. Events happening during and shortly after birth also belong to the 1st house.

Physically, the 1st house corresponds to the first part of our body, the head in general, the skull and the brain. The correspondence with Mesha (Aries) adds physical mobility and overall strength. It is an important house because it has the Ascendant lord.

What does Mars represent in Astrology ?

Mars is like a soldier who stands for his beliefs. Wherever it is placed in your horoscope, you stand for those beliefs, and that’s where your energy goes. Mars is energy. It’s your willpower and vitality. Mars represents your ability to take action towards something. It also represents the anger we carry within us, as a soldier needs to have a certain level of anger within him to fight and win the battle. Mars represents policemen, soldiers, athletes, warlords, arms dealers, and fighters. Moreover, Mars also relates to accidents, injuries, and dealing with explosives.

Mars in Astrology represents energy, assertiveness, and the ability to take action. It represents the way one uses energy on different levels. In the social sphere, Mars represents those relationships that test one’s strength, such as those of competitors and enemies. The condition of Mars in an individual horoscope will indicate the level of one’s energy and ambition.

Auspicious Results of Mars in 1st House in Astrology

  • One is brave, ambitious, and keen to progress.
  • One may be as valiant as a lion.
  • One will be skilled at getting his work done.
  • One will only speak himself and ignore what others say
  • One’s body will be sturdy.
  • One will be strong and enlightened.
  • This combination is also good for iron-smiths, carpenters, goldsmiths, mechanical engineers, turners, and fitters.
  • Doctors are very successful at the surgery

Mars in 1st House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Mars in 1st House in Astrology

  • One lacks prudence, is wicked, and mindless.
  • One will be extremely proud and short-tempered.
  • One will be aggressively stubborn and ill-mannered.
  • One will have a suspicious mind and be unhappy due to this.
  • One will be fond of conflicts.
  • One may fight with enemies and with people of his religion.
  • One may be uncontrolled, greedy, aggressive, and untruthful.
  • One may suffer mental agony.
  • One will suffer physical injury.
  • One’s body may be scarred.
  • One may have wounds on his body.
  • An iron weapon may assault one.
  • One may be intolerable because of his sensual nature, greed, quarrelsome and argumentative temperament.
  • During one’s childhood, he may suffer from stomach ailments, teeth, and blood infection.
  • One may suffer venereal diseases and related ailments.
  • One may have headaches and eye problems.
  • One may have a kidney problem, itching in the navel, or deformity of the waist.
  • One may have some ailment in the head or internal parts.
  • One may suffer infections of the blood and may be weak physically.
  • One may lack friends.
  • One’s spouse may be ailing or may die.
  • One will suffer pain on account of one’s spouse and children.
  • One may stay separately from his spouse and sons.
  • One may have relations with the opposite sex.
  • One will face obstacles in the completion of his work.
  • One’s body may be torn into pieces at war.
  • One may be a wanderer.
  • One’s mind will be upset because he cannot stay permanently in one place.
  • One will have few children, suffer gastric problems, and have a distorted face.
  • One is attracted to all business types and tries to attempt all of them together.
  • After the 36th year, there is some permanency in one business.
  • One suffers a false sense of pride that he is very skilled at business, and the rest are fools.
  • The combination is not very good for lawyers.
  • The conditions signify greed, selfishness, jealousy, quarrelsome attitude, drunkard nature, and a favourite among the opposite sex.
  • One suffers from eye ailments.
  • One may be inclined to stealing.
  • There could be obstacles for children.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Mars in 1st House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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