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Magha's literal meaning is power, wealth, or gift. Therefore, Magha means powerful or wealthy. Magha nakshatra in astrology is one of the Adhomukhi Nakshatras (or the Nakshatras, which have their mouths downwards). In these nakshatras, things related to tanks, wells, temples, mining, digging, etc., can be auspiciously begun and performed.

Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

Symbol: A Mansion

The symbol of Magha is the mansion. The symbol of Punarvasu is a house, and the symbol of Magha is a mansion. This is an indication of the growth of the baby's body in the womb. It also indicates a crop's growth because the 90-day rice crop can be cut during this period.

Deity: The Pithar
The ones who were burnt after death and the ones who were not burnt, the ones who were known and the ones who were not known, and the knowns who are roaming in lower births (like ghosts), we are giving our offerings in Yadnya for all of them on Magha Nakshathra.

Range120 - 133⁰ 20”
RashiLeo (Simha)
YogatharaRegulus or Alpha Leonis
Apparent Magnitude1.35
Latitude+0⁰ 27” 53
Longitude125⁰ 58” 21’
Right ascension 10h 8m 6.3s
Declination+11⁰ 59” 30’

Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Large body, stout body, bloodshot eyes, protruding abdomen, prominent cheeks, long-lived
  • Bright, radiant, orator
  • Pleasant, patient disposition, reserved
  • Sharp nature, reacts sharply, angry, cruel, irascible, destroy his enemies
  • Deals with teachers and authorities
  • Intelligent, knowledgeable, educated, learned
  • Truthful, high moral standards
  • Pure, treads the religious path, without sins, sacrifices things, honors gods and preceptors, interested in the advice of Devaguru, obedient, devoted to father, help his relatives, respect elders.
  • Conducts big operations, leader of a big army, many servants
  • Endowed with comforts, enjoyer, highly sexy
  • Sacrifices things
  • Earns good money
  • Has a reserved partner
  • Speaks harshly, insensitive (hard-hearted), fierce in disposition, interested in torturing and confining others

Attributes of Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Spread from 0'00" degree to 13'20" Simha. Magha affects the virtues and vices of the father's family, wealth, glory, beauty, strength and prowess, luster and effulgence, superior qualities, the sharpness of intellect, nobility, prestige, replenishment, and increased wisdom, brilliance, capacity, and willingness to donate, ancestors on the paternal side-all these.
  • Ravi
    in "Ashwini" is brilliant, no doubt, but the brilliancy is of incendiary character. It burns everything about it. Surya is then a terrible ball of fire. But in Magha, Ravi is like an emperor, confident and self-assured. If happy and pleased, he is in a mood to make any benediction or gift.
  • When Ravi is in Magha, Shani gets alarmed, which is natural. For Shani is by character, of a mean disposition, the nature of a slave, no wonder that mean and lowly Shani cannot brook the beauty and the dignity of Ravi's position in Magha. That is why Shani is "Neecha" and anti-meridional in Ashwini, and the meanness and wiliness of Shani increases.
  • If Shani is the lord of the 9th and 10th houses and is placed in the 4th house and associated with Magha, he adversely influences the 4th and 10th houses' effects. Magha is the cause of brightness and light. Therefore old and gloomy Grahas cannot stand it. Magha stands for noble impulses and incentives; the gift of Magha must always be a noble one.
  • Magha has been described as a glorious one. Anthropomorphically it is the nose of Kalpurusha.

Description of Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Treatise

  • According to Hora Sara: Should Magha be one's birth Nakshatra, one will be wise, modest, have many persons to serve him, enjoy luxuries, respect Gods and his father, and be very industrious.
  • According to Jataka Parijata: If a person is born under the star (Magha) - i.e. when the Moon is in that asterism, he will be lustful but devoted to virtue, indulgent to his wife, proud and wealthy.
  • According to Sage Narada:: One born in Magha will be stout-bodied with prominent cheeks and protruding abdomen. He will be irascible, an orator, very patient in disposition, will honor gods and preceptors, and be radiant.
  • According to Brihat Samhita: A person whose birth takes place under the star Magha will be very rich and will have many servants, will enjoy pleasures, worship the Gods and the manes, and be very industrious.

Magha Nakshatra Pada Description

Magha Nakshatra 1st Pada:

  • Ruled by Aries (Governed by Mars).
  • The Person will be Ambitious, Energetic, Competitive, Willful, Aggressive and Hard Working Pushing Limits, Doing Whatever it Takes, Masculine, Drawn to the Military, and Sports Natural Soldier/Athlete.
  • Those born in the first pada like to be alone, suffer from ear diseases, talk much, cruel, deceive, hate others, and always be sick.

Magha Nakshatra 2nd Pada:

  • Ruled by Taurus (Governed by Venus)
  • Such People are Slow Starter, Struggles Early in Life, Underdeveloped Ego and Sense of Self When Young Balanced in Leadership Qualities, Toned Down Egotistical Traits, Knowing When to Act, When to be Aggressive, Fight for Another Day
  • Those born in the second pada are long-lived, wealthy, endowed with many children, endowed with perfectly proportioned body and respected in their relatives' circle.

Magha Nakshatra 3rd Pada:

  • Ruled by Gemini (Governed by Mercury).
  • Such People are Mentally Driven, Cunning, Intelligent, Educated, Socially and Friendship Driven Pursuit of Communication, Good With Languages, Speakers and Listeners, Natural Writers and Readers, Egotistical in Speech.
  • Those born in the third pada are learned, wise, experts, truthful, knowledgeable, endowed with many children. They are always happy, sexy and experts in all arts and famous.

Magha Nakshatra 4th Pada:

  • Ruled by Cancer (Governed by Moon).
  • Such People are Emotional, Caring, Motherly, Nurturing of people and Creative Aspirations Family Driven, Prideful and Loyal of Loved One's, Lover of Country and Homeland, Caring about Seniors and Older People.
  • Those born in the fourth pada support Gods and Brahmins, capable administrators, wealthy and carry out good works.

Sun’s Ingress (Aug 16 - Aug 29) for Magha Nakshatra

  • Sun enters Magha Nakshathra on Aug 16 and stays there till Aug 29. If you are born during this period, your Sun is in Magha Nakshathra.
  • Bhagavan Shree Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, was born during this period.
  • Lord Krishna had Sun in Magha Nakshathra and Moon in Rohini. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Simha is own house for the Sun.
  • Lord Krishna was born at midnight. This means he was born on Vrishabha Lagna with the Moon in the ascendant.

Tree of Magha: Vata

  • Vata, Nyagrodha, Ficus benghalensis or banyan tree is a tree for Magha.
  • During this period, i.e. in the third month, Pusavan Savskara is performed. Pusavan means the desire of a baby. During this, Savskara banyan leaf extract is placed into pregnant women's nostrils.
  • The banyan tree effectively treats wounds, skin diseases, eye diseases, diabetes, diarrhea, and leucorrhoea or white discharge.
  • If the Banyan, Umbara, and Palasha trees grow together, there will be a water current.

Applications of Vata:-

  1. Ashwagandha is used to treat anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
  2. It improves blood circulation, a tonic for nerves, and effective in numbness.
  3. It boosts immunity in children.
  4. It is effective in sexual disorders.
  5. 5.It helps to reduce muscle pain.
  6. It helps to increase testosterone levels and improve female libido.

Astronomical Information of Magha Nakshatra

  • Almost all astronomers agree that Yogathara of Magha is Regulus or Alpha Leonis.
  • Regulus is the brightest star in Leo. It is close to the heart of Leo. It is a multiple star system composed of 4 stars in 2 pairs. It is 0.47 degrees from the ecliptic and regularly occulted by the Moon.
  • It rotates at the speed of 1.1 million kilometers/ hour at its equator.
  • It is a white-blue star and considered a scorching start.
  • It’s hotter at its poles than its equator.

Remedies for Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

DonateJaggery and salt
VrathamShradha, Avidhava Navami, Sarvapithri Amavasya, Bharani Shraddha, Tharpan
Vedic SookthamPithru Sooktham

Magha Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Sign (Rashi) compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Bride

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Rashi compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Groom

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Nakshathra Compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Bride

  • Aries: Ashwini, Bharani
  • Taurus: Mrigashirsha
  • Gemini: Mrugasheersha, Ardra, Punarvasu
  • Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha
  • Leo: Poorva, Uttara
  • Virgo: Uttara, Hasta, Chitra
  • Libra: Chitra
  • Scorpio: Vrischika, Anuradha, Jyeshta*
  • Sagittarius: Moola, Poorvashada
  • Aquarius: Dhanishta, Shathatharaka, Poorvabhadhrapadha
  • Pisces: Poorvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada

Nakshathra Compatibility of Magha Nakshatra Groom

  • Aries: Ashwini, Bharani
  • Taurus: Mrigashirsha
  • Gemini: Mrigashirsha, Ardra, Punarvasu
  • Cancer: Punarvasu, Pushya, Aashlesha
  • Leo: Poorva, Uttara
  • Virgo: Uttara, Hasta, Chitra
  • Libra: Chitra
  • Scorpio: Vrischika, Anuradha, Jyeshta*
  • Sagittarius: Moola, Poorvashadha
  • Aquarius: Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Poorvabhadrapada
  • Pisces: Poorvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada

Compatibility Factors of Ashwini Nakshatra

  • Nadi: Aanthya or last
  • Gana (Nature): Rakshasa or daemon
  • Yoni (Animal Symbol): Mooshak or mouse
  • Result of wearing new clothes on Ashwini Nakshatra: Illness
  • Result of first menses on Ashwini Nakshatra: Liked by others, romantic, respected, likes to be at father’s home, troubled by diseases
  • Result of performing Shraddha on Ashwini Nakshatra: Help from family
  • Beneficial Activities on Ashwini: Digging a well or a borewell, plowing and sawing seeds
  • Beneficial Savskara or Ceremonies on Ashwini: Wedding

Summary of Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Dasha RulerKetu
SymbolA royal throne room
DeityThe Pitras (one's family ancestors)
RulershipPeople rich in gold (money), and corn, granaries, mountaineers, those who are devoted to parents or the manes, traders, heroes, carnivorous beings and women-haters.
Moon in MaghaThe person will have many servants and wealth, enjoys the senses, is devoted to the devas and ancestors and is very enthusiastic.
NatureUgra (fierce)
Purusharth Artha or finance