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Lord of 7th House in 8th House in Astrology (7th House Lord in 8th House)

Lord of 7th House in 8th House

When Lord of 7th House in 8th House or 7th House Lord in 8th House in Astrology then there may be a tendency in you for keeping your relationships a secret or you may seek out partners in secretive places, or where secrecy is in the air. Relationships may constantly need to go through a number of challenges obstacles and transformations. Therefore a loss of a partner, by death or divorce is quite possible. However the compensations for the loss might be good.

What does the 7th House in Astrology Signify?

  • The 7th house is opposite the 1st. The act of marriage takes us as far away as possible from who we are by ourselves: it is an agreement to live with, to accept, to love, and to support someone who may be different from yourself. Marriage brings about relations with the in-laws and people in general. Marriage is also likely to bring travel, as at least part of the family is not under the same roof.
  • The lower part of the belly (the region below the navel, according to Parashara) is next in line; This includes the large intestines and kidneys.
  • Libra corresponds to the 7th house. Movable, ruled by Shukra (Venus), reinforces marriage, social interactions, and travel.

What does the 8th House in Astrology Signify?

  • After marriage, a lot of readjusting is required. There is a separation of the family one was born in, and one’s stability and integrity are tested. It is a stage in life that can be very vulnerable. If one does things right at this stage, the foundation is in place for long healthy life. This stage is a junction point of past and future, and the 8th house indicates Astrology for that reason.
  • The 8th house corresponds to the lowest part of the trunk, the genitals, anus, and eliminatory system.
  • Scorpio corresponds to the 8th house. Fixed, but ruled by the forceful Mars, add sudden calamities to the 8th house. On the positive side, the sharp and analytical Mars can also add an element of research to this house.

Description of Lord of 7th House in 8th House in Vedic Astrology:

  • Parashara Hora: The native will be deprived of marital happiness. His wife will be troubled by diseases, devoid of good disposition, and not obey the native.
  • Satya Jatakam: With Shubha Yoga, the native’s death may occur in a foreign country. His wife may also meet with early death. If there is Mishra Yoga, results will be mixed. The native will enjoy her for some time and then she may die. Or he may live as a bachelor. If there is malefic Yoga, he may remain unmarried or his wife may contract some disease and may be separated from him.
  • Sanketa Nidhi: Sickly, always angry, and loves sick-happiness, wasting money on prostitutes.
  • Phala Jyotisha: Endowed with a sick wife, he will be angry and not get happiness from her.
  • Their relationship is in a very private manner.
  • They want a partner who can handle the ups and downs in their life.
  • They look for spouses who increase their joint assets.
  • They want a spouse and business partner who is very intense.
  • They want a partner who can make them explore their sexual side.
  • They want a partner who can transform them.
  • They get a lot of transformation in their sexual and married life.

What is meant by Sign Lord or Sign Lordship in Astrology?

  • The Sign lordships of the Planets play a vital role in interpreting the birth chart, and it is essential to understand its principles thoroughly.
  • We have seen that each sign has a planetary ruler. We have also seen that each signal corresponds to a house. Whatever is the sign’s ruler becomes the ruler of the corresponding place.
  • The ruler of the house fully represents the house. Wherever the house ruler is placed, it will cause an effect according to the nature of the one or two houses it rules.
  • Even though the ruler fully represents the house, the way the influence is delivered varies greatly depending on the Planets.
  • The planet’s actual effects are a mix of its characteristics and the

House (s) it rules.

If the Sun is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • They are secretly looking for a partner who is like a father figure to them.
  • They want a partner who can take charge of their assets.
  • Their spouse will shape their personality.
  • Their spouse will teach them analytical things.
  • They do the ego battles, and their sexual life is not as prominent as it should be.

If Moon is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • Their mind and emotions romance around dark things of the universe and go through sudden ups and downs.
  • They bring emotional baggage to their spouse.
  • They want a caring spouse like a mother.
  • Their marriage suffers due to the ups and downs of their emotions. Their partner cannot deal with this nature.
  • They can be healed and be at peace through sexual intercourse.

If Mercury is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • They want a person who can emotionally communicate with them and handle their finances.
  • They like a very business-minded partner.
  • They want a partner who can help them to assess other people’s assets.
  • They want their marriage that can help them to transform through death and taxes.

If Venus is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • They want a spouse who can satisfy their sexual needs.
  • They want to go deep into the sexual realm like a pornstar.
  • Their partner adds on luxuries and beauty, and artistic talent in their life.
  • Their spouse will help them to rise from a strange place or situation.
  • By marriage, they gain suddenly.

If Mars is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • Their married life will have a lot of power struggle.
  • Their partner will be very sexually active.
  • They want a very masculine partner.
  • They want to command their partner, and because of this, they get into a lot of power struggle.
  • Even there can be physical abuse in their relationship.

If Jupiter is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • They attract a partner who is an alcoholic gambler and takes advantage of their assets.
  • They get a very deceptive partner.
  • Their partner likes to take charge in marriage.
  • They want a partner who can show them an occult and mysterious side of life and help them get all spiritual knowledge.
  • Thye want a partner who can teach them regarding death and rebirth.

If Saturn is sitting in the 8th house as the lord of the 7th house:

  • Their marriage stays long-lasting, mature and realistic.
  • Their sexual life is very dry and dull.
  • Their partner is very conservative.
  • They get a partner who is in the government taxes department.
  • They can be in the mining and gem business.
  • Their partner has an old, mature mentality.
  • Their married life feels very dark and dull.

Lord of 7th House (7th House Lord) in Different houses:

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