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Ketu in Virgo | Ketu Virgo in Birth Chart

Ketu in Virgo | Ketu in Virgo in Birth Chart

Ketu in Virgo

The goddess of wheat and agriculture is related to Virgo in astrology, a link that refers to Virgo’s deep roots in the real world. Ketu in Virgo are meticulous, pragmatic, and practical in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist who isn’t scared to put in long hours and work in order to develop their abilities. Virgo is all about staying healthy and avoiding illness. It’s a sign that pays close attention to the smallest details and won’t let you down. Rahu is acting elaborately. It magnifies everything in order to increase one’s material prosperity and demonstrates one’s passion for the goals that one is here to pursue. Ketu is a planet that symbolizes letting go. It means letting go of material things because one has experienced it all. It does not mean that the natives are running away but simply that they have enough experience of those things.

Characteristics of Ketu in Virgo

  • When Ketu enters the sign of Virgo, it feels like a monk who has been put to the job of bookkeeping for a company.
  • Ketu feels he does not belong in Virgo. Though he can go ahead and do the job and be disciplined and detail-oriented, the missions of Ketu and Virgo are very different.
  • Virgo wants to achieve something in life and be productive and win in life, whereas Ketu does not want to come back to this world. It wants to escape the real world. This makes Ketu frustrated in this sign. This frustration leads them to be extremely self-critical, thus ruining everything.
  • They start criticizing themselves, and then they criticize the others as well in that process. They will be ready to give anything because they feel they are not doing it right.
  • The placement of Mercury comes into play here. If Mercury is exalted, it will control Ketu. The natives in this placement become genius mathematicians and bookkeepers. They know what is to be done and how it is to be done.
  • If Mercury is debilitated, the natives will become disorganized and confused. The wrong placement of Mercury can make or break the native of Virgo with Ketu.
  • The planet Ketu loves meditation, and the solution to all his problems is meditation.

What does Ketu signifies in Astrology?

  • Isolation, enlightenment, spirituality, occult, stillness, psychic intuition, discomfort, and mysticism are all associated with Ketu in Astrology.
  • Ketu is the remainder of the body without the head because he enjoys being alone and away from all worldly things; on the other hand, Rahu is the polar opposite.
  • In Astrology, Ketu represents hindrances and problems in the physical arena of life, but also intelligence and mental brilliance. Depending on the home Ketu is in, the native will either be less in need of what that house represents or have less desire to obtain the goods associated with that house.
  • In Astrology, Ketu feels as if he has already lived through the events of the house he sits in. It has the impression that it has complete control over all aspects of the home in which it is housed.
  • Ketu is the portion that one shouldn’t be too concerned about because it will reveal itself without one even realizing it.
  • Ketu is also the karakatwas of mental instability, paternal grandfather, doctor, witchcraft, a hunter, the Sudra association, a dog, a cock, vulture, deer, knowledge of animals, horned animals, salvation, hunger, stupidity, friendship, knowledge, luck, revoking arrest orders, all kinds of wealth, consumption, conferring prosperity, all kinds of luxuries, stone, pain, fever, loss of appetite and indifference.

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What does Virgo Sign signifies in Astrology?

Virgo is an Earth sign. Virgos are analytical, helpful, humane, observant, organised, precise, reliable and thoughtful. They are straight thinkers and solve problems in a logical manner. They used their heads not their hearts. They have an honest motive when helping people. Virgos’ weak points are being cold, inflexible, irritable, interfering and skeptical. When they overanalyze matters or things, they have difficulties organizing their surroundings or situations. Virgos tend to be very critical and skeptical making them slow decision-makers. Virgo is the sixth of the Zodiac signs Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury.

  • Virgos are analytical and helpful, which makes them great problem solvers
  • They use their heads, not their hearts, making them honest in their dealings with people
  • Virgos can be critical and skeptical, but this also makes them slow decision-makers, perfect for careful analysis!

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