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Ketu in 8th House in Astrology

Ketu in 8th House in Astrology

Ketu in 8th house in Astrology gives good results, and it gives long life, love for spirituality and mysticism, and easy loans from banks. However, Ketu in the 8th house in Vedic Astrology gives addiction problems, such as alcohol, sex, drugs, or any kind of obsessions.

The 8th house is representative of sudden events (sudden accidents, injuries, inheritance, separation, opportunity). The eighth house signifies joint assets with in-laws, secrecy, taxes and occult sciences.

Ketu represents isolation, spirituality, and self centricity, and it is a planet with no boundaries. Ketu in the eighth house represents that the native benefitted in terms of wealth from others in his past life, and in this life, he is focused on self-made wealth.

Significance of Ketu in the Eighth House

  • The native of Ketu in the eighth house could be a good philosopher and honest politician. Even though the native focuses on expanding wealth from self-efforts, he seeks support from his surroundings but isn’t provided with any support or help.
  • The native will question his upbringing and his mother’s affection for him. The native will get fame easily, and he could also be a banker or government agent.
  • When Jupiter and Mars join Ketu in the sixth and twelfth house, it swims away from the negative consequence and a similar constructive result can be seen when the Moon lies in the second house.
  • When Ketu is in the eighth house, it makes the native seriously mention and ask about money matters or the actual relationship to the partner.

Ketu in 8th House in Astrology

What does 8th House Signify in Astrology?

The 8th House rules the death and rebirth of a person or how one rises after a great fall in their life. This house also shows money through in-laws and friends as loans from them. Financial loans for home or business is also shown from this house.

Deep-rooted issues of one’s life and one’s interests or lack of interests in the mystical world such as astrology, magic, tantric practices, and ghosts are shown from this house. 8th house also represents the life span of a person. This is simply the house of the occult.

Government taxes, spies, and business-related to secret government dealings are seen from the 8th house. The 8th house is a death-inflicting house (Marka House), as the 8th house deals with things buried deep beneath the earth.

Physically, the 8th House corresponds to the lowest part of the trunk, the genitals, anus, and the eliminatory system. Scorpio corresponds to the 8th house and adds the signification of sudden calamities.

What does Ketu represent in Astrology ?

Ketu is the south node of the Moon and the rest of the body of Rahu. This is a headless body representing separation, isolation, and the abandonment of the material world. This shadow planet represents spirituality, nothingness, and goals that were already achieved in past lives. In this life, we only rely on those things as a last resort.

Ketu in Astrology is also an unsteady and treacherous force, but its qualities are more of an abstract, inward nature than Rahu, who is more concerned with outward, worldly matters. Ketu can bring hindrance and obstacles in the physical realm of life but indicates sparks of intelligence and the mind’s brilliance.

Auspicious Results of Ketu in 8th House in Astrology

  • One will be valiant and constantly resourceful.
  • One will enjoy the best of everything in work, happiness, character, sports, and ornaments.
  • The person will have financial gain.

Ketu in 8th House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Ketu in 8th House in Astrology

  • One has a wicked mind, lacks enlightenment, is sinful, cruel, inimical of the opposite sex, bad character, is shy, is greedy, and in the service of wicked persons.
  • One will never hesitate in harming someone.
  • One may be ailing.
  • One may suffer from septic infection, broken limbs, and pain in the kidney and adjoining areas.
  • One may have internal ailments and diseases of the teeth and limbs.
  • One may not die a natural death.
  • One may be short-lived.
  • One may be poor.
  • There may be obstacles in the recovery of money given to others.
  • One may be infatuated with the spouses of others and the money of others.
  • One may be fearful of falling from horses or other vehicles.
  • The fear of injury from the vehicle may prevail.
  • One also has the danger of animals.
  • One may be separated from dear friends, and, there may be quarrels, assaults due to weapons and opposition at work.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Ketu in 8th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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