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Jupiter in 2nd house in Astrology represents a very business-minded person who either takes on a family business or opens his own business, which may be similar to that of family. This person will do well in the food, clothing, and real estate industry, but usually, I’ve seen people becoming writers, public speakers, and teachers with this position as it gives a prominent voice. Having Jupiter in 2nd house in Vedic Astrology may not go that well, as Jupiter is the significator of the 2nd house, and sitting in its own place may cause some problems.

Jupiter in 2nd House in Astrology

What does 2nd House Signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 2nd house in astrology represents family, fixed assets, speech, family business, possessions of things, throat, this also includes married life (some only count 7th house as a marriage house, but 2nd and 4th is also important as they rule the home life in eastern astrology) This house is also death inflicting house (Marka House) Marka simply means houses that mentally & physically kill you, as 2nd represents the family, it will make your work, think, argue, fight and disagree with people in your family if it is ill in your chart. The negative aspect of such a house can drain any person to their death.

The second house in Vedic astrology represents the family we are born into, which we get immediately after birth. Along with the family, we also get the social status of that family that determines to a certain extent our financial future. Therefore wealth is signified too. Physically, the face is part of the body next to the skull. The

face, eyes, nose, and mouth are all signified here, and so are eating and speaking which are done with the mouth. The correspondence with Taurus, (fixed, Earthy, and ruled by Shukra. (Venus)) adds to the signification of wealth and luxuries. You have the Moon in this house, therefore it is an important house.

What does Jupiter represent in Astrology?

Jupiter is the knowledge we gain in this lifetime. It is the concentration we put into learning something. Jupiter is the teaching of our father and educators. Since the father is the first teacher for a child, Jupiter automatically becomes the teaching and preaching of fathers and father figures. Jupiter also represents our belief system and our ability to follow the law. Jupiter is the lawyer in astrology; he writes the law and either makes the person follow it or resent it depending upon its condition. Jupiter also represents a husband in a female's chart. Mars is not the husband, Mars represents male friends. Jupiter is the guiding force in every woman's life.

Jupiter in Astrology represents knowledge. Jupiter signifies higher education, wisdom embodied in spiritual traditions and religion. As gaining knowledge is essential for evolution and spiritual growth, Jupiter also indicates the general principle of growth in life. Physically, Jupiter relates to the growth of the body; Mentally, to the increase of happiness and sense of fullness; and socially, to the growth of the family in the front of progeny. Guru signifies prosperity and fortune in life.

Auspicious Results of Jupiter in 2nd House in Astrology

  • One has an attractive face and a good physique.
  • One is good-looking and long-lived.
  • One is talented, charitable, cultured, sympathetic, charitable, delightful, modest, in good company, courageous, and well behaved.
  • The person with Jupiter in 2nd house is sweet-spoken, popular, respected, and honored by all.
  • One will be intelligent, educated, modest, scholarly, talented, and practices what one preaches.
  • One will be involved in good deeds.
  • One is a pious soul, grateful, honored, popular, and fortunate.
  • One may have the delicate feelings of a poet.
  • One will consider status and honor as wealth.
  • Jupiter in the second bhava confers leadership qualities on one.
  • One will be enthusiastic and famous.
  • One will be skilled at speech, be intelligent, and a good orator.
  • One will be pleasant-faced and skilled at talking.
  • The person with Jupiter in 2nd house is talkative and impressive in speech.
  • One will have a good voice and will be practical and sweet in speech.
  • One will speak a lot in big gatherings. One will enjoy excellent food.
  • One will be wealthy and powerful.
  • One will have children, wealth, and prosperity.
  • One will attain wealth through one’s efforts.
  • One will earn wealth through the business of pearls.
  • One might be wealthy because of poultry feed.
  • One will be endowed with many vehicles like elephants, horses, and cars.
  • One is wealthy. Accumulation of wealth is promoted.
  • Money is accumulated and gold and silver are attained in Jupiter in 2nd house.
  • One will get fame in a government job, legal work, bank, temple, and a  religious or educational institution.
  • One may be skilled at chemistry and the science of languages.
  • One might be poor. One may be endowed with government authority.
  • One may have the power to punish people.
  • One may be a magistrate or a collector.
  • One will get bliss from relatives and spouse.
  • One’s spouse will be beautiful.
  • One will be satisfied with one’s spouse.
  • One will attain bliss from friends.
  • In one’s 27th year, one may be honored by the king.
  • One may have no enemies or would have won over all of them.
  • Auspicious results are experienced.

Inauspicious Results of Jupiter in 2nd House in Astrology

  • With Jupiter in 2nd house, There will be obstacles in education.
  • One may be a thief, a cheat, and a bad orator.
  • One will talk lies.
  • One is a drunkard.
  • One is a corrupt and an ill charactered person, who lacks a son and brings defame to one’s family.
  • One’s primary sources of income are few and expenditure exceeds it.
  • One, therefore, faces a financial shortage.
  • One will have to make great efforts to attain wealth. In spite of attaining wealth with great difficulty, one may not have any permanent assets and financial problems persist.
  • One may be both dumb and talkative with Jupiter in 2nd house.
  • One might have a delicate physique and not have full sexual satisfaction due to sexual disorders.
  • One may generally be a beggar brahmin, school teacher, principal, or astrologer.
  • One may be poor and may earn little.
  • Those who are barristers, judges, or lawyers are exceptions and they acquire wealth.
  • Marriage is a high-class family may be delayed.
  • The tradition of child marriages in lower classes may continue.
  • One may not enjoy the bliss of a father for long and the father may not enjoy the son’s wealth.
  • One does not inherit paternal property and if one does so, it may be destroyed.
  • One may have an adopted son.
  • If there is paternal property then there may be enmity between father and son.
  • If the father and son’s relationship is good then only one of them may attain wealth.
  • Jupiter in 2nd house is not good from the point of view of education, as education remains incomplete.
  • One’s own people become critical and opposing.
  • One may be honored in the 27th year by the state, according to Yavana Jataka.
  • Accumulation of wealth is there.
  • One may have to make great efforts and face hardships.
  • Wealth accumulated may be great, moderate, or little depending upon the amount of effort put in.
  • According to Bhrigu, the person may be a thief, a fraud, corrupt, talkative, and a drunkard.
  • There may be few or no children.
  • One may always suffer financial problems.
  • The results are mediocre.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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