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How to deal with Rahu’s aggression and anger?

While most planets in astrology represent certain traits and characteristics, Rahu is known for causing negative emotions such as anger and aggression. It can be challenging to deal with the aggression and anger that Rahu may bring into our lives.

However, one approach is to focus on healing and balancing this energy within us. This can involve practices such as self-reflection, forgiveness work, and therapy. We can also try connecting with Rahu through spiritual practices like meditation or ritual offerings. Meditation can help calm the mind and manage intense emotions.

Additionally, surrounding ourselves with supportive relationships and positive environments can help us handle Rahu’s difficult energy in a healthy way. It’s important to remember that we have the power to transform difficult energies and turn them into sources of growth and strength. With patience and determination, we can navigate Rahu’s challenges and tap into its potential for transformation and evolution.