How does Saturn relate to time? 

Saturn is the planet of karma, and it is said to govern lessons and limitations. It is also associated with aging, wisdom, and responsibility. In general, Saturn is thought to represent the passage of time, and its slowly moving orbit is said to symbolize the cyclical nature of life. Saturn is also linked to death and rebirth, as it is believed to be the planet that governs endings and new beginnings. Saturn represents the eternal cycle of time, and its influence can be seen in the way that we experience life. 

In some ways, Saturn can be seen as a representation of the ticking of the cosmic clock. It reminds us that time is precious and finite, and that we must make the most of our years. Saturn also encourages us to reflect on the past, learn from our mistakes, and chart a new course for the future. In this way, Saturn helps us to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life experience. 

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