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How does Pluto affect the sun in astrology?  

Pluto is often said to be the planet of transformation. In astrology, it represents the parts of our lives that are hidden, and those things that we keep hidden from others. It governs issues such as sex, death, and rebirth. 

The sun is the source of all life in our solar system, and it’s said to represent our conscious mind and our ego. It gives us energy and vitality, and helps us to shine in the world. 

When Pluto is in aspect with the sun in someone’s chart, it can indicate a time when they’re going through a period of intense transformation. This could be a time when they’re facing major changes in their life. 

Pluto is said to be the “higher octave” of the sun. This means that Pluto reflects back to us what we need to learn about ourselves in order to grow spiritually. 

When it comes into contact with the sun in our charts, it can often be a time of great change – both positive and negative. It’s during these times that we have an opportunity to face our fears and learn from our mistakes. 

Ultimately, Pluto’s influence can help us become more authentic and empowered individuals. As long as we’re willing to embrace the lessons that it has to offer, Pluto can be a powerful force for growth and positive change.

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