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How can we use Rahu’s energy to create abundance in our lives?

In astrology, Rahu represents the planet of mangal (Mars) and governs energies that are related to ambition and desire. As a result, Rahu’s energy is used to create abundance in our lives through aspirations, determination, dedication and hard work.

Rahu’s energy helps us manifest more from our efforts by lending us the strength of character required for making life-changing decisions. The positive vibrations it exudes makes it easier for us to focus on what we want out of life and become fully immersed in achieving those goals with passion and commitment.

One way we can use Rahu’s energy is by believing that anything is possible if you put your heart into it wholeheartedly – this will help attract more positive influences into your life without trying too hard or pushing yourself beyond your limits. By understanding how Rahu’s power works within ourselves, we’re better equipped to move forward with clarity, optimism and focus; all essential qualities needed for success in any endeavour.

The power of concentration combined with sheer determination provided by the influence of Rahu is extremely powerful when utilized correctly – whenever you find yourself doubting your abilities or getting stuck on an obstacle blocking your path forward simply think back to the immense strength this planet offers its devotees and believe that anything can be achieved if you just keep pushing one step at a time!