Planets in Astrology

How Can We Reduce Suffering According to Vedic Astrology?

  • Vedic astrology is an ancient system of astrology that has been used for centuries by millions across the world as a way to gain insight into their lives and find inner peace and balance.
  • By examining one’s natal chart, a skilled practitioner can provide advice on how best to restore harmony into one’s life while also offering remedies for any difficult periods due to planetary influences.
  • Ultimately, the goal of Vedic astrology is simple: reduce suffering so that everyone can find true contentment in their lives.

Vedic astrology is an ancient system of astrology that originates in India. It is based on the belief that the planets and stars have a strong influence on the lives of humans, and can be used to predict future events and offer guidance for life decisions. In addition to this, Vedic astrology can also help us reduce suffering. Let’s take a look at how this works.

The Goal of Vedic Astrology

The goal of Vedic astrology is to bring balance into our lives. This involves understanding what we need in order to achieve happiness, peace, and well-being. To reduce suffering, we must first understand its causes. The most common cause of suffering is ignorance—not recognizing the truth about ourselves or our environment. By understanding our true nature and connecting with it in a positive way, we can begin to reduce our suffering.

Reducing Suffering With Natal Charts

By looking at your natal chart—the map of your birth—a qualified practitioner can identify areas where you may be out of balance or not living according to your true nature. They will then be able to offer advice on how you can make changes in order to live more harmoniously with yourself and others. These changes could include lifestyle adjustments, dietary shifts, meditation practice, or any other action that helps bring you closer to your center point of peace and contentment.

In addition to providing advice on how you can restore harmony in your life, a qualified practitioner will also provide insight into any difficult planetary influences that may be affecting you at the time of your consultation. They will then suggest remedies such as mantras or rituals that are designed to mitigate these influences and reduce their impact on your life.