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How can we best work with Saturn in our lives? 

Saturn is often considered to be a planet of limitation, representing challenge and difficulties in our lives. However, Saturn can also be viewed as a planet of opportunity and potential. By understanding Saturn’s energy and how it operates in our lives, we can learn to work constructively with this powerful planetary influence. 

Saturn represents our ability to focus our attention and use our willpower to achieve our goals. It is also associated with our capacity for discipline and perseverance. When we are able to work with Saturn’s energy, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve success in whatever we set our minds to. 

To work effectively with Saturn, it is important to first get in touch with our own personal power. We need to connect with our inner strength and determination in order to tap into Saturn’s energy. Once we have accessed this power within ourselves, we can then use it to create the structures and systems that will support our success. By working with Saturn’s energy, we can create lasting change in our lives and fulfill our highest potential. 

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