Characteristics of October Born in Numerology

Ruling Planet of October Born in Numerology

Natives born in October are ruled by the planet Venus.

Zodiacal Sign of Libra

The Zodiac sign of Libra begins on 24th September and ends on 23rd October. The first seven days and the seven days after the end of the sign are called cusps, and Virgo and Scorpio, respectively, influence them. The sign of the Libra is the Balance.

Characteristic Traits of October Born

  • The natives born in October are positive in their thoughts as well as deeds.
  • They have vision and intuition and usually succeed when they follow their instincts.
  • They are psychic and are excellent at spiritualism, theosophy and occult sciences.
  • Despite this, they are rational and are convinced only by facts, and they balance things in their mind and arrive at rational judgements.
  • They make excellent lawyers and judges. They also excel in public life and make excellent laws.
  • They respect knowledge and can spend their lifetime acquiring it.
  • They succeed in all walks of life, though they excel in professions that demand deep thought.
  • They rarely have happy domestic life. Like everything else, they tend to balance their affections as well. They are too demanding in domesticity and get the opposite of happiness and peace that they want.
  • They have a large circle of friends.
  • They are intellectual, aggressive and virile. Their intelligence is pragmatic and earthy.
  • There seems to be a strong sense of detachment in them.
  • They love beautiful and artistic things.
  • They are good with people due to their tact and persuasiveness. They love to work in groups.
  • They love adulation and can succumb to flattery.
  • Their inability to say no leads them to many difficulties.

Characteristic Traits of October Born | VidhyaMitra

Personality Traits of October Born in Numerology

Health Problems that October Born Might Face

They tend to suffer from melancholia and poor nerves. They have afflictions of the kidneys, headaches and back problems. Their generative organs are also sometimes weak, and they must protect their throat from infections.

Career Options for October Born in Numerology

They must undertake the following vocations:

  • Public figures
  • Diplomats
  • Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Judges
  • Journalists
  • Politicians
  • They can excel in teaching
  • In business, they would do well to have a partner

Lucky Friendship and Marriage Partners for October Born

They are lucky if they have friends or marriage partners born between 21st January and 27th February, between 21st March and 26th April and between 21st May and 27th June. They have a natural affinity to natives born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month.

Financial Position of October Born

They have little regard for money’s value, which makes them experience great ups and downs in finances. They can often succeed in speculation.

Lucky Colours of October Born

Their lucky colours are blue, rose or pink.

Lucky Days of October Born

Their lucky days are Thursday and Friday.

Lucky Number of October Born

Their lucky number is 6.

Lucky Gems of October Born

Their lucky gems are the pearl and the opal.

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