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Characteristics of March Born in Numerology

Ruling Planet of March Born in Numerology

Natives born in March are dominated by the planet Jupiter.

Zodiacal Sign of Pisces

The Zodiac sign of Pisces begins on 19th February and ends on 20th March. The cusps of seven days before and after these periods overlap with the previous and latter signs, respectively.

Characteristic Traits of March Born

  • The natives born in March are natural learners. They acquire their knowledge from the world and not necessarily from books, and they devour knowledge on travel.
  • They have generous natures despite intrinsic anxiety for financial stability.
  • They hate being dependent on others, and this makes them worry about being self-sufficient.
  • Pisces do not lack pragmatism, as believed by most astrologers.
  • Their reality is artistic.
  • Their flexibility has distinct stability. They always find a way out of a crisis due to their imagination.
  • They are refined, though they often tend to fantasies.
  • They are courteous and generous. Their ambition makes them master their subject.
  • They love discipline, law and order.
  • They seem to have dual personalities and can fluctuate between them.
  • Their desire to secure a financial future makes them much misunderstood.
  • Their brooding nature brings sorrow to them.
  • Their potential is enormous, and this can easily be fulfilled with little effort. They must take their own decisions and show courage in executing them. They must not indulge in pessimistic escapism, and they must not give in to irritation.


Personality Traits of March Born in Numerology

Health Problems that March Born Might Face

Natives born in March have insomnia, anaemia, weak intestine and respiratory problems. Their blood circulation is also flawed. They must live in dry and sunny climates, and they must exercise regularly in the open.

Career Options for March Born in Numerology

They must undertake the following vocations:

  • Shipping
  • Trade with foreign countries
  • Music
  • Literary writing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Acting
  • Journalism
  • Philosophy
  • Occult studies

Lucky Friendship and Marriage Partners for March Born

They make lasting and healthy friendship and marriage partnerships with natives born between 21st June and 20th July, between 21st August and 27th September and between 21st October and 27th November. They also have a natural affinity to natives born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month.

Financial Position of March Born

Natives born in March become wealthy and affluent if they overcome their sensitivity and develop their willpower.

Lucky Colours of March Born

Their lucky colours are mauve, violet and purple.

Lucky Days of March Born

Their lucky day is Thursday.

Lucky Number of March Born

Their lucky number is 3.

Lucky Gems of March Born

Their lucky gems are amethysts and emeralds.

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