Can Saturn be negative in our lives if we don’t work with it correctly? 

In astrology, Saturn represents boundaries, limitations, and hard work. When we focus too much on the negative aspects of this energy, we may feel restricted and frustrated. But if we learn to work with Saturn in a positive way, it can bring us discipline and structure that helps us achieve our goals. On a more spiritual level, Saturn teaches us to let go of fear and surrender to our higher purpose. It helps us understand that challenges can be necessary for growth, and that they ultimately lead us towards fulfillment. 

 So, while working with Saturn may require effort and patience, it guides us towards realizing our true potential. When approaching Saturn transits in our lives, it’s important to remember that growth often comes from facing challenges rather than avoiding them. With this mindset, we can use Saturn’s energy for transformation and evolution instead of letting it bring negativity into our lives. 

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