What is Karaka in Astrology?

Karaka is a popular Sanskrit word that means to do or to make or something that causes an event. In astrology and birth chart, certain planets are responsible for certain things no matter where they are placed in the horoscope, and they are known as the significators or karakas.

Each planet and house signifies a specific characteristic. Every house has its own significator planet, and therefore, to judge the result of planetary positions, it is necessary to check not only the house and the planet that is sitting in it but also the significator of that house.

For example, the 7th house signifies legal relationships, marriage and legal partnership, and the significator of the 7th house in a female’s chart is Jupiter. Suppose Saturn, the slow-moving planet, is sitting in the 7th house. Interpreting that the marriage will get delayed just because Saturn is placed in the 7th house is inadequate. The placement of Jupiter, whether it is excelled or debilitated, it is in a good sign or enemy sign etc., should also be analysed.

Karaka in Astrology - Planets and the Houses they are Karaka of :

1st House - Sun 

2nd House - Jupiter and Mercury

3rd House - Mars

4th House - Moon and Venus

5th House - Jupiter 

6th House - Mars and Saturn

7th House - For men: Venus, for women: Jupiter

8th House - Saturn 

9th House - Jupiter

10th House  - Sun, Mercury and Saturn

11th House - Jupiter

12th House - Saturn 


  • Rahu and Ketu are not “karaka” of any house
  • Jupiter denotes husband in a woman’s chart, and Venus indicates wife in a man’s chart. Hence, A man should look at the 7th house and condition of Venus to determine their marriage prospects, while a woman should look at the 7th house and Jupiter.

Types of Karaka in Astrology

There are 7 types of Karaka in Astrology

  1. Atmakaraka - The planet with the highest degree in the birth chart or horoscope is known as atmakaraka. It determines the personality of one’s soul and the purpose of one’s life, what he is here for and what he will be able to fulfil.
  1. Amatyakaraka - The planet with the second highest degree in the birth chart is known as amatyakaraka. It determines the career, wealth and profession of one’s life.
  1. Bhratrikaraka - The planet with the third highest degree in the birth chart is known as bhratrikaraka. It signifies the native’s relationship with his gurus, hobbies, friends and siblings.
  1. Matrikaraka - The planet with the fourth highest degree in the birth chart is known as matrikaraka. It shows one’s ability to attain home and land and shows the native’s childhood and his relationship with his mother.
  1. Putrakaraka - The planet with the fifth highest degree in the birth chart is known as putrakaraka. It shows one’s ability to have children and also determines the relationship with them.
  1. Gnatikaraka - The planet with the sixth-highest degree in the birth chart is known as gnatikaraka. It indicates all types of debts, diseases, enemies and obstacles in one’s life.
  1. Darakaraka - The planet with the lowest degree in the chart is known as darakaraka. It determines and shows the spouse, marriage timing, and married life in one’s life.