Venus in 3rd House for Taurus Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Characteristics of Venus in 3rd House for Taurus Ascendant

  • The native is handsome, courageous, and hardworking.
  • The native works hard to get success and progress in life.
  • The native has enmity with his younger brothers and sisters. They do no support him.
  • The native gets help from their maternal grandfather.
  • The native is fortunate and religious.
  • The native worships an almighty god.
  • The native undertakes an interest in performing religious activities.
  • The native is laborious and industrious.
  • The native makes various efforts to get gains and earns sufficient wealth. He improves his family status.
  • When the native is tired and appears physically weak, the native continues to work.
  • The native never loses his enthusiasm and feels happy.

What does 3rd House in Astrology Signify?

  • The third house represents the interaction with siblings and is an important part of the early life experience (before school years). It is a great exploration and discovery journey, learning how to communicate and build up strength and independence.
  • Physically, the next parts of the body are the shoulders and arms. The significance of arms and hands also bring in manual dexterity. The correspondence with Mithuna (Gemini) adds communication.

What does Venus represent in Vedic Astrology?

  • Venus represents reproduction (literally semen). Venus indicates everything directly and indirectly related to human reproduction: marriage, sex, harmony, comforts, luxury, pleasures, and beauty.
  • The condition of Venus in the horoscope will define one's ability to experience harmonious and romantic relationships and the level on which one deal.

What does Taurus Ascendant in Astrology signify?

  • The person born in the Taurus ascendant has the colour of the body as white or wheat.
  • He is a woman-like nature, sweet-spoken, sweet-hearted, with long teeth and malformed hair, seated in excellent company, impetuous, generous-tempered, devout, virtuous, intelligent, patient, brave-hearted, courageous, extremely talented, of a very calm nature, but showing his strong valour in fighting or fighting on occasion, suffering from his family, bickering, suffering from scripture, suffering from wealth, suffering from mental illness or worries, and unhappy.
  • The person is a friend, a friend and a full person. According to some scholars, a person born in Taurus ascendant, after his 37 years, also suffers many sorrows.