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Trikona Houses in Astrology | Dharma Trikona Secrets

The fifth and the ninth houses are called 'Thrikona' houses or trines. These are the most important houses next to Lagna (ascendant). The ninth house, the trine in visible half is called 'Bhagya Sthana' or the house of luck. The fifth house, which is the trine in the invisible half is called 'Puthra Sthana' or house of children. This house also signifies intelligence.

Trikona Houses in Astrology

In the horoscope, whichever trine has more planets or connections generally becomes the focus of life for that individual. At a high level, the 4 Purushartha can be grouped further. Dharma and Moksha is one group and Artha and the Kama is another group. In traditional Vedic astrology Dharma trine was given immense importance. However, nowadays the focus shall be shifted to Artha and Kama trines for prediction of success. This is because the definition of success has changed now.

Dharma Trikona

When the horoscope has a good focus on Dharma Purushartha, the native mostly spends his life fulfilling his duties and responsibilities. This was considered a great success in the past.  1st, 5th and 9th house together form Dharma Thrikona. 1st house indicates personality, 5th house indicates creativityintelligence and thinking

Finally, the 9th house indicates the expression of religion or rituals. This includes pilgrimages. Lagna or the first house indicates the execution of religion in life by the native. Interestingly this trine also indicates 3 generations.

The first house indicates self or current generation, 5th house indicates progeny or next generation and 9th house indicates father or previous generation. We shall learn more about the connection of the 5th house with progeny in the coming pages. Similarly, 1st house indicates present life or Kriyamana, 5th house indicates future life or Prarabdha and 9th house indicates past life or Sanchita.

Some of you who know astrology might wonder about this correlation because the 9th house is called ‘Bhagya Sthana’.

The general notion is ‘Bhagya’ means luck so it shall refer to the future. However, luck is the result of our past actions or Karma and so it shall refer to the future. However, luck is the result of our past actions or Karma and so it refers to Sanchita. Additionally, the future indicated by the 5th house is not visible and the past indicated by the 9th house is visible in the form of our luck.

As you know the 5th house indicates progeny or child. If we understand ‘KarmaVipaka Siddhantha’. We would learn that our present life is the fruit of Karma in a past life and therefore 1st house (present life) is the 5th from a past life (9th house). Similarly, the 5th house i.e. next life is a result of actions in this life or is a child of this life. Let me explain one more important aspect of this trine before we move to the next trine. Our personality (1st house) is the child of our past karma (9th house) and our thoughts (5th house) is the child of our actions (1st house).

Interestingly many rules related to KarmaVipaka Siddhantha are beautifully explained by indications of Dharma Thrikona. This gives is good indications of the definition and impact of Dharma on our life. Surprisingly, Hindu Dharma correlates progeny (5th house) with the liberation of Jeeva. If we want to go a little beyond this analogy, we shall learn that the liberation of Jeeva is directly related to Karma or actions in this life.

Similarly, the expression of Dharma

(9th house) is also an outcome of thought (5th house). Together they thought and expression of Dharma form the personality. All 3 houses in each Purushartha have a seed of the Purushartha, flowering the Purushartha and the final fruit of the Purushartha.

In the case of Dharma Purushartha Thrikona 5th house indicates the seed, the 9th house indicates flowering and the 1st house indicates the final fruit. A quick summary of indications of Dharma Purushartha Thrikona is mentioned in the below table.

First HouseFifth HouseNinth House
PhysiqueIntelligence / CreativityLuck
Practitioner /KartaPenance & PracticeGuru / Teacher / Pilgrimage