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The Hidden Story of Ashwini Kumars

Ashwin Kumars are the main superstars and deities of Ashwini Nakshatra but did you pay attention to the full name? Ashwini Kumars. Kumar is a name used in India to identify a prince. This nakshatra holds the quality of a prince. How does a prince behave? What does he like and dislike? Who is he in search of? If you answer these questions you would know more about this nakshatra.

A prince searches for a princess. A prince likes to be liked, praised and is always eyeing the king’s throne. He dislikes insults and anyone who questions his immaturity. If pissed enough, he may have the person beheaded (the graha ruler of this nakshatra is Ketu, the headless one).

Ketu - The Graha Ruler of Ashwini Nakshatra

He can take a smile as a joke and a taunt can aggravate the royal prince. He wants to wear the best garment, the best shoes and the best jewellery. No one can play jokes on him but he can play jokes on others, which shows that an Ashwini person can be a prankster or someone who plays jokes on people even if it is not amusing to others.

Just from the name one can decipher so much information. But, one thing you may have missed is the last name, which says Kumars, which means they are plural.

These are twins, the two kumaras. Twins can act very similar to each other or drastically different. In this case, they are different, one is a healer, the other is a prankster and an attacker. Ashwini Nakshatra can produce twins, while a person who is not a twin will have a twin personality or two different behaviours in his life.

Ashwini Kumars - The Physicians of Gods

The Ashwin Kumars are the Vedic Gods of working miracles. They are known as the physicians of Gods and

are more of miracle workers. They can make the blind see, a cripple to walk, heal a dying person, make the deaf hear. The Ashwini Nakshatra native loves to jump into critical situations to help others, like in a car accident, floods or natural disasters.

Due to this, Ashwini person either becomes ENTs or go to doctors for reasons for ears, eyes, nose and throat issue. Since they were born from the nostrils, usually on an Ashwini day people may deal with sinus pressure or a clogged nose if Ashwini falls in the 1st, 6th, or 2nd house in the birth chart or the Navamsha chart. Ashwins is also about awakening people’s consciousness.

The Ashwin Kumars are twin sons of Sanjana and Surya who came after Shani, Yama, and Yamini. They are also given the prime responsibility of running Surya’s chariot as the twin horses and due to their fast nature, and they help to bring the first ray of Sun into the sky in the early morning. A native who is a dominant Ashwini not only is fast and first at everything but also his parents have a troubling past, where one either threatens to leave the other or are separated for a while due to the anger of the father.

Surya and Sanjana - Parents of Ashwini Kumaras

Sun is the source of heat that

Sanjana could not take. Heat in today’s day is anger. Most of the time Ashwini people do well in top management, business ventures and being athletes, but doctors and herbalists can be equally seen with this Nakshatra, hence it can be said that it is a 70/30 deal. 70% of the time we see normal business executives and entrepreneurs as they are fast thinking, fast moving and impatient for their wealth but 30% of the time other themes are playing out.

You cannot just rely on 1 single nakshatra to give a career outlook. You must study the whole chart, which is yoga in itself. We have seen more doctors with Bharani, Ashlesha, and Shatabisha too. You must again understand they are miracle workers and emergency saviours. Ashwini produces more Reiki healers and ENT doctors than anything else.

What is the Specialty of Ashwini Nakshatra in Astrology?

Ashwin is a Kshipra Nakshatra, which means any activity that requires fast reaction, fast healing, and fast results should be expected when Moon is transiting this nakshatra. Activities like giving medicine, starting a competitive race, business or bet, putting in a plant or wanting quick results from your email or text can be included.

Ashwini is overall a very good nakshatra for conducting activities. If one wants the quickest effect of a medicine, one should start from that time when Moon enters this nakshatra. Knowing this is the nakshatra of miracle workers, the medicine would work like a miracle in healing the body.

If you want to send out a proposal to a potential business client while you may also have another one to choose from but you can only work with one at a time, it is wise to send an email, text or set up a meeting on this day so you can get the quickest response to your inquiry.

This nakshatra has also proven very fruitful for attaining a visa or green card from an embassy. If any mass activity is done on this day like a car race, competitive exams, sports competition then whoever has the best situated Ketu and Aries in their chart would be the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashwini Kumars

Who are the Parents of Ashwini Kumars?

The Ashwin Kumars are twin sons of Sanjana and Surya who came after Shani, Yama, and Yamini.

Who are Ashwini Kumars?

The Ashwin Kumars are the Vedic Gods of working miracles. They are known as the physicians of Gods and are more of miracle workers.

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